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Chapter 1634 - Getting More Ridiculous

In the meeting room, Gu Zhiqian, who was in the middle of a meeting, suddenly received a call from Frank.

Gu Zhiqian took his phone out of the meeting room to answer the call. Frank said that Gu Zhilin had decided to hold a large-scale shareholders\'meeting next Monday. He hoped that Glory World, as the major shareholder of the GU Corporation, could be present and that Glory World could support Gu Zhilin through this difficult time.

What\'s more ridiculous was that at the same time, Fang Zhenglong of the Fang Corporation also contacted Frank, and Fang Zhenglong hoped that Glory World could turn against Gu Zhilin and support him instead.

Gu Zhiqian sneered. He had roughly guessed what Fang Zhenglong had in mind, and he also knew that Gu Zhilin had reached the point where there was no way out.

"I understand. You continue to keep in contact with them. Don\'t give an explicit reply to either side."

After ending the call with Frank, Gu Zhiqian finally noticed that Guan Meiyi was not in the lounge, so he went out to look for her.

On the other side, Lu Lin and her assistant were still talking in the lounge.

Sister Liu, who was outside the door, obviously couldn\'t bear to listen anymore. Not only were them talking about Meiyi, but they were also talking about her husband\'s past affairs. Hearing these words, would Meiyi feel comfortable? There shouldn\'t be any further animosity between the couple.

Sister Liu was so angry that she wanted to go in and argue with the two of them, but she was stopped by Guan Meiyi. Guan Meiyi shook her head at Sister Liu with a smile on her face. She wanted to hear whatelse Linda could say.

She is saying bad things about others, but she didn\'t even close the door properly. How reckless and careless.

"Exactly. So many girls surround best actor Gu, and Guan Meiyi wants to tie him up just with a child. She\'s obviously too stupid." Lu Lin\'s assistant echoed Lu Lin\'s words, "By the way, Sister Lu Lin, didn\'t Sister Ada say that she had acquired a new script for you today? The details are still being ironed out. Could best actor Gu be the male lead?"

Lu Lin pursed her lips into a smile, her eyes shining, "That\'s right, I\'ve already told sister Ada to help me secure this movie. Not everyone can work with Gu Zhiqian. I\'ve been in Zhi Ya Entertainment for so long, I\'ve been looking forward to acting with Gu Zhiqian."

"Yeah, if you can act with best actor Gu, you\'ll definitely learn a lot."

Lu Lin rolled her eyes at her assistant, "What do you know? I am not acting with Gu Zhiqian to learn anything, any movie that Gu Zhiqian star in would definitely be popular. The popularity of actresses who had acted with Gu Zhiqian before all skyrocketed! It would be best if some scandals between Gu Zhiqian and me leak out. That would be ideal for my exposure and popularity."

Obviously, the assistant didn\'t expect Lu Lin to have such thoughts. "But, best actor Gu is already married."

"So what if he\'s married?" Lu Lin didn\'t care, "It would be great if I could fake it with Gu Zhiqian. If I can\'t be his wife, it would be good to be his lover. This way, I can have him and not have to give up my career to have a child like Guan Meiyi. I\'ll be the final winner! All these years it\'s enough for me to be suppressed by Guan Meiyi. If my relationship with Gu Zhiqian is stable, and if he\'s willing to divorce Guan Meiyi, I can even consider marrying him."

The assistant listened to Lu Lin\'s words in disbelief. Her words were getting bolder and bolder. Only then did she realize that the door to the lounge wasn\'t closed. When she was about to close the door, she was shocked to see Guan Meiyi standing outside.