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Chapter 1633 - Uncountable

Guan Meiyi stood in the corridor. The door was not completely closed. From where Guan Meiyi\'s was standing, she had a clear view of the people inside.

She knew about this Lu Lin. In Zhi Ya Entertainment, she was considered one of the more capable artistes. Previously, she had followed other managers but now that Guan Meiyi\'s work has suspended completely, Ada finally took this Lu Lin into her own hands.

In other words, Lu Lin could be considered as Guan Meiyi\'s junior.

In the lounge, Lu Lin and her assistant were still talking.

Today was Lu Lin\'s first time moving into this lounge. There was a problem with the air-conditioning in her previous lounge, so Ada asked her to move into Guan Meiyi\'s lounge.

This seemingly small move had become a big deal in the eyes of the female artistes of Zhi Ya Entertainment. Everyone knew that Lu Lin had moved into Guan Meiyi\'s lounge, and now that Lu Lin is with Ada, it was obvious that Zhi Ya Entertainment wanted to turn Lu Lin into the next Guan Meiyi.

Lu Lin combed her hair in front of the mirror with a proud look on her face. "This is only the beginning. Just moving into a lounge has already made you so happy. Don\'t let others see you like this. You\'ll embarrass me."

The assistant smiled obsequiously. "Of course. Our sister Lu Lin has a high status now. As an assistant, I have to put on airs. I can\'t embarrass you." As the assistant spoke, she took the comb from Lu Lin and helped her comb her hair, "Sister Lu Lin is right. This is just the beginning. Now that Guan Meiyi has stopped all work and is staying home for her baby, it will take a long time for her to recover from her messy figure after giving birth. Moreover, once a woman has a child, her focus will shift. Her focus will be on the child, and naturally, she won\'t care about her acting career. It seems that the position of the top sister of Zhi Ya Entertainment belongs to you, sister Lu Lin. "In the future, even if Guan Meiyi wants to make a comeback, after laying low for such a long period, she won\'t be able to surpass your status, sister Lu Lin."

The assistant wanted to flatter Lu Lin, but in the end, she her flattery had hit the wrong notes. Lu Lin frowned and said unhappily, "What do you mean by that? What do you mean? If Guan Meiyi doesn\'t have a child, I\'ll never be able to surpass her? Is the reason why I became the top sister because Guan Meiyi gave up her position to go give birth?"

The assistant\'s expression tensed up, and she quickly changed her words, "no, no, it\'s a mistake! Sister Lu Lin, you are already stronger than Guan Meiyi in all aspects, so it\'s only a matter of time before you surpass her. It\'s just that your previous manager was unreasonable and didn\'t know how to package you and it delayed you. Now that we\'ve changed manager, Sister Ada is the best manager in Zhi Ya Entertainment, therefore, sister Lu Lin, you are the true top sister of Zhi Ya Entertainment."

Hearing her assistant\'s words, Lu Lin\'s expression lighten up and became better. Seeing that Lu Lin\'s expression had eased up, the assistant secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

"If you ask me, Guan Meiyi is a fool. She had such good resources and great personal advantage. Why doesn\'t she work hard while she\'s young? Why would she go home to give birth? The entertainment industry is so competitive these days. When she comes back, the industry would have changed drastically," Lu Lin said sarcastically. Her words were full of disdain for Guan Meiyi\'s actions, "UGH, but no wonder, after marrying such a good-looking man like Gu Zhiqian, she has to hurry up and have a child. She has to win Gu Zhiqian\'s heart to strengthen her position. Gu Zhiqian used to be very flirtatious and countless women have had scandals with him."