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Chapter 1630 - His Wife Is an Actress

Guan Meiyi grabbed Gu Zhiqian\'s arm and shook it back and forth, acting coquettishly at Gu Zhiqian. Guan Meiyi\'s fans would never have thought that the elegant and cold movie queen Guan would act so coquettishly and shamelessly like a child.

That\'s why they say that people all have multiple sides. Now that Guan Meiyi was by Gu Zhiqian\'s side, she had became a giant baby.

Guan Meiyi\'s pitiful gaze made Gu Zhiqian\'s heart ache. Looking at Guan Meiyi\'s cute look, he felt his heart go wild again. "Good girl, I\'ll bring you something delicious when I come back. What do you want to eat?"

"What do I want to eat? I can only eat Mom\'s custom menu now. I can\'t eat anything else..." Guan Meiyi pouted and looked very pitiful. "I just want to go out and get some fresh air now. I\'m almost cut off from the rest of the world!"

"Be good. The garden is so big, and the air here is fresh. You can breathe as much as you want. Let sister Liu take you to the garden to bask under the sun. Otherwise, I\'ll call Xiao Yaya and ask her over to accompany you?" Gu Zhiqian\'s voice was gentle, he coaxed Guan Meiyi as if he was talking to an angry child.

In the end, Guan Meiyi\'s eyes suddenly widened, and she shook off Gu Zhiqian\'s arm. "Gu Zhiqian, what do you mean?! Are you trying to appease me?! Who\'s to blame for my current state?!"

Seeing his lovely wife suddenly get angry, Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows. He remembered what the doctor had said, that pregnant women could easily get angry during pregnancy. "Yes, yes, it\'s all because of me. Don\'t be angry. The child will sense your anger."

Gu Zhiqian wanted to hold Guan Meiyi\'s hand, but Guan Meiyi shook him off. "Don\'t bother me! You know I can\'t get angry, so why are you still angering me?!"

"I\'m angering you?"

"Yes! You\'re appeasing me! You don\'t love me anymore!" Guan Meiyi\'s eyes turned red, and the anger in her heart surged uncontrollably.

Seeing that Guan Meiyi was crying, Gu Zhiqian\'s face tightened, and he quickly helped her sit down. "Don\'t cry, let\'s talk it out. Don\'t cry... I love you, I love you the most!"

The more Gu Zhiqian said, the louder Guan Meiyi howled.

Yes, that\'s right, it was a howl.

If such a scene was seen by Guan Meiyi\'s fans, how would they feel.

However, Guan Meiyi couldn\'t care so much now. She just wanted to achieve her goal... "You still dare to say that you love me! You\'re lying! You i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed me and I had given up so much for this child. I haven\'t worked for almost five months now. After giving birth, I\'ll still have to go through confinement and b.r.e.a.s.tfeed. By then, my figure will be out of shape! I\'m an actress! You don\'t have to worry about anything everyday. You can work whenever you want and eat whatever you want! And you still dare say you love me!"

Gu Zhiqian wiped away Guan Meiyi\'s tears with heartache. Looking at her wailing, he was extremely anxious. "Stop crying... I will agree to anything you say."

"Nonsense. I want to go to work with you, but you won\'t take me with you! I get it. You are tired of me already, right? Do you think my big belly is embarrassing you?"

Gu Zhiqian felt a headache coming on. Previously, Guan Meiyi\'s emotions had fluctuation but she would be fine after a little coaxing. It was the first time she was so powerful like today.

"I\'ll take you. I\'ll take you with Me, okay? Stop crying!" Gu Zhiqian could only surrender in the end.



The howling stopped instantly. Guan Meiyi wiped the tears off her face and smiled. "Help me up. I need to go change."

Gu Zhiqian,"..."