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Chapter 1627 - the Greatest Crisis

Even though Zhao Huimin had instructed countless times, Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi still ignored her. In the end, she still couldn\'t find out the gender of the child.

In the blink of an eye, yet another two months had passed. Guan Meiyi was already nine months pregnant. Guan Meiyi was constantly paying attention to her figure so other than her belly being slightly bigger, she was still in good shape.

However, in the past two months, the Gu Corporation had undergone great changes. Gu Zhilin had yet to take the position of chairman. The first reason being: he only held 20% of the shares, less than half of the total shares, so he did not have absolute authority. Secondly, the shareholders had long been dissatisfied with Gu Zhilin, the president. They think that he did not have the ability to lead the corporation. If he was allowed to take the position of chairman again, then the Gu corporation would probably be completely destroyed by him.

Due to these reasons, the Gu family was divided into many factions on the issue of whether Gu Zhilin could take the position of chairman. Some supported Gu Zhilin, but of course, most of them were members of the Gu family. Some did not support Gu Zhilin as they had already lost confidence in him. At the same time, there were also those who opposed Gu Zhilin and wanted to fight for the position.

In short, there was internal strife in the Gu corporation, which caused the stocks to plummet again. Moreover, because the shareholders and Gu Zhilin were so focused on the fight for the position of chairman, they neglected the daily management of the company. This caused the Gu Corporation to lose several big projects. Overseas corporations that had previously cooperated with them also knew about their situation and were afraid that it would affect their own company, so even if they had new projects, they did not want to corporate with Gu corporation.

When Gu Zhilin finally came back to his senses, the Gu corporation was already facing an unprecedented predicament. There was already a serious shortage of funds. Without new projects to work on, it meant that there was no income. However, at this time, even if Gu Zhilin was at a loss, he could not seek the help of grandfather Gu.

The shareholders pushed all the responsibility onto Gu Zhilin. They thought that he was not qualified for his position. Now, not only did they not agree to him becoming the chairman, they even asked him to resign from the position and let someone capable take over.

Gu Zhilin began to panic, completely panicked. Helpless, he could only go to the Fang family for help. Fang Hua was his wife, and the Fangs were his in-laws. Moreover, the Fang family was the Gu family\'s largest and strongest partner. He believed that as long as the Fang family was willing to step in, there would definitely be a solution to the problem.

However, what Gu Zhilin did not expect was that when he found Fang Zhenglong and asked for Fang Zhenglong\'s help, Fang Zhenglong upright rejected him. Not only did he not lend him money for capital turnover, but he also refuse to help him suppress those shareholders.

Gu Zhilin was furious. "You are my Father-in-Law! The Fang family and the Gu family are united. How can you step aside and do nothing at this critical time!"

Fang Zhenglong was calm, "I am speaking business. Under your leadership, the Gu family had indeed became more and more chaotic. Even our Fang family was implicated. At this moment, you want me to help you unconditionally, even if I agree, my company\'s shareholders and employees won\'t agree. How do you want me to explain to the people of the Fang Group? Zhilin, you can\'t only think about yourself."

Gu Zhilin gritted his teeth and looked at Fang Zhenglong, suppressing the anger in his heart. "You really can\'t help me at all?"

Fang Zhenglong took a sip of tea. "It\'s not impossible, but..."