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Chapter 1625 - Ask the Doctor

Every night, Guan Meiyi would take a walk in the yard before going to bed. Firstly, it would assist her digestion and reduce fat acc.u.mulation. In addition, it would also benefit the baby\'s fetal position.

In the evening, Gu Zhiqian came back from a stroll in the yard with Guan Meiyi. As they were preparing to go back to their room, Zhao Huimin followed them and unintentionally said to Gu zhiqian, "Son, come down after you send Meiyi back to her room. I have something to tell you."

"Why can\'t you tell me now?" Gu Zhiqian was hesitant to let Zhao Huimin talk to him alone. He did not feel the need to hide anything from Guan Meiyi.

"Come on, listen to me. Come down, and I\'ll tell you!" as Zhao Huimin said this, she walked back to the kitchen and began to prepare Guan Meiyi\'s food for the next day.

Guan Meiyi did not show any reaction. There were too many families like this where the mother-in-law only talked to her son; thus, Guan Meiyi was not surprised that it happened to her.

Upon returning to their room, Gu Zhiqian took a clean change of clothes and prepared to take Guan Meiyi to the bathroom for a shower.

Ever since she was five months pregnant, Gu Zhiqian had insisted on showering her every night. It also had something to do with Ling Tianya.

Gu Zhiqian and Ruan Zeyan used to talk about business and family matters when they hung out previously. But ever since Gu Zhiqian was promoted to a father-to-be, the conversation between them had become like this.

"What did you do for your wife when she was pregnant?"

"Bathing her."

"Bathing her?"


Imagine Ruan Zeyan working in his office at his desk when Gu Zhiqian asked him what he could do for his pregnant wife, and the former responded without any emotion, "Help her to take a bath." That was such an awkward scene!

As a result, Gu Zhiqian insisted on bathing Guan Meiyi every night. Guan Meiyi initially refused because Gu Zhiqian did not clean her properly whenever he washed her. Despite knowing that he should not do anything shameful, he still wanted to touch her, making both of them uncomfortable.

However, as her belly grew more prominent, Guan Meiyi\'s body became heavier. So, she promised Gu Zhiqian she would bathe her after five months.

Guan Meiyi sat on the bed and looked at Gu Zhiqian, who was holding a clean change of clothes in his hands, "What are you doing?"

"It is time for a bath."

"Mom is still waiting downstairs."

"I don\'t think it\'s important."

"You go ahead. I\'ll wait for you here. Listen to what mom has to say to you. Don\'t let her wait too long," Guan Meiyi sat there and smiled at Gu Zhiqian. She was not too concerned with the matter.

Gu Zhiqian listened to Guan Meiyi\'s advice and went downstairs to see his mother. Zhao Huimin had already been waiting for quite some time. When she saw Gu Zhiqian coming down, she hit him and demanded, "Brat, what took you so long? I almost fell asleep."

Gu Zhiqian directly expressed his dissatisfaction with Zhao Huimin\'s behaviour by saying, "What are you hiding from Meiyi? I don\'t like this way of talking."

Zhao Huimin rolled her eyes, "I knew you forgot your mother\'s existence when you had a wife. I can\'t even talk to you alone! Could you not talk about me first? Next time you accompany your wife to the prenatal checkup, I want you to ask the doctor whether it\'s a boy or a girl!"

Why should it matter whether it\'s a boy or a girl? Either gender is still my children. What\'s the difference in having either one?"

"Of course it matters! A son can carry on the family line while a daughter will get married someday in the future!"