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Chapter 1623 - Promised the Old Man

Gu Zhiqian ignored Gu Zhilin\'s question. After bowing three times to the old man, he turned around and wanted to leave, but Gu Zhilin stopped him unreasonably, "I\'m asking you a question. The day you visited your grandfather, what did he say to you?"

The old man\'s assets were divided, but Gu Zhiqian did not receive anything. This result, however, made Gu Zhilin suspicious. The old man had talked to Gu Zhiqian for so long, could it be that the old master had given him something secretly that no one was aware of.

A slight frown crossed Gu Zhiqian\'s face as he gazed at Gu Zhilin with a dead look on his face, "Grandfather made me promise that no matter what happens in the future, I would not leave you with a dead end."

Gu Zhiqian\'s voice was cold as he told Gu Zhilin the gist of his conversation with the old man.

The old man did not reveal to Gu Zhilin that Gu Zhiqian was the behind-the-scenes boss of Glory World. This was the old man\'s final test for Gu Zhilin. As long as he detected it and took precautions in advance, he could prove that he was not wholly worthless and could save the Gu Enterprise. In the event that Gu Zhilin could not see through this matter in the end, or if he did not take it to heart at all, then he deserved to be replaced by Gu Zhiqian.

Maybe Gu Zhilin would not understand Old Master Gu\'s true intentions even until his death, which was the reason he did not realize Old Master Gu was so worried about the three of them.

Like when Gu Zhiqian told Gu Zhilin the truth about the content of the conversation between him and the old master, but Gu Zhilin did not believe him. He thought that Gu Zhiqian must have gotten something from the old man, or they might have reached an agreement that would threaten his position as the family\'s leader.

Since Gu Zhilin was not convinced, Gu Zhiqian did not want to waste his time with him. Holding Guan Meiyi\'s hand, he walked around Gu Zhilin, intending to leave.

"I\'m not done yet. You are not permitted to leave!" Gu Zhilin grabbed Gu Zhiqian\'s collar to stop him from leaving. Nevertheless, due to his height and angle, he was unable to grasp the back of Gu Zhiqian\'s collar. Instead, he grabbed the collar of Guan Meiyi, who was slightly behind.

The woman was walking when her collar was suddenly grabbed. Her neck tightened, and the sudden strong recoil made her scream and fall backward.

"Oh my God! My grandson!" Zhao Huimin saw the incident at the same time and ran towards Guan Meiyi with a scream.

Gu Zhiqian grabbed Guan Meiyi by the waist just as she was about to fall. He then turned around and kicked Gu Zhilin in the heart.

A sudden pain in Gu Zhilin\'s heart compelled him to flee and strike Grandfather Gu\'s tombstone. His throat felt hot, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Gu Zhiqian... You..." Gu Zhilin wanted to get up, but he found that his c.h.e.s.t was in pain. It seemed that his ribs were broken.


"Big brother!"

Gu Zhihuan and Gu Zhiming rushed to Gu Zhilin in panic. Gu Zhihuan glared at Gu Zhiqian, "Gu Zhiqian, are you crazy! Big brother is the head of the Gu Family, and you dare to challenge him publicly!"

"Someone get here quick! I want him locked up!" Gu Zhiming yelled at the guards of the Gu Family who are surrounding him.

Since the master was beaten up, the guards of the Gu Family had to rush forward in order to protect him.

Meanwhile, Liang Zi and his men appeared at the funeral at the speed of light.

Both sides were in a standoff once again.

As the Gu family\'s guards saw Liang Zi and his men, some of them retreated. They had suffered losses from Liang Zi and his men before.

With difficulty, Gu Zhilin blurted, "I\'m not going to let you go..."