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Chapter 1622 - Mld Master Gu Passed away

Gu Zhiqian\'s expression was indifferent, but he repeated, "Let\'s go."

Guan Meiyi did not ask any questions. She was not concerned about the Gu Family\'s assets, so she smiled as she agreed to leave with her husband.

"Hey, son! Are you leaving..." Zhao Huimin looked into the ward and hesitated for a moment before following them out, "wait for me, you two. Slow down. Watch out for Meiyi\'s belly!"

Old Master Gu had not stopped Gu Zhiqian from leaving, but he closed his eyes with sorrow. Gu Zhiqian did not show any concern towards the Gu Family anymore, so much that he was unwilling to stay to listen to the will. The reason why he showed up today was to visit his bedridden grandfather one last time. The last time was all that there was.

Tears rolled down the corners of Old Master Gu\'s eyes as he thought of it.

Who was the culprit behind the Gu family\'s current state?

Could it be Gu Zhilin?

Perhaps the old man himself was the culprit.

If he had not blamed Gu Zhiqian for the incident with Wang Manpeng back then and had not taken back the power in Gu Zhiqian\'s hands, perhaps the current gu family would have been in a different situation.

However, one could not undo any regrets in life. These were all the inevitable consequences.

There was nothing Old Master Gu could have done but to hope that Gu Zhiqian did not forget his promise that in the future, he would provide Gu Zhilin and the other two with a way out when things turned out irreversible.

A week after leaving the hospital, the old man passed away due to respiratory failure.

Standing in a black suit at the funeral, Gu Zhiqian stared deeply at Grandfather Gu\'s portrait. There was no evident emotion on his face, unlike Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan, who were weeping buckets.

The siblings were crying for themselves more than for Old Master Gu. They would have to depend solely on themselves without the old man. However, they had become accustomed to relying on others. They used to have the old master to rely on, but now they only had Gu Zhilin.

But their big brother was not capable of supporting them.

Moreover, Guan Meiyi did not have a deep affection for Old Master Gu; thus, she could not cry. She could only stand behind Gu Zhiqian and quietly accompany her husband.

Meanwhile, Zhao Huimin shed tears. Even though Old Master Gu had never been fond of her, they had lived together for many years. People do, after all, have feelings. She had a lot of resentment against the old man while she was alive, but now that he was gone, she felt more or less uncomfortable.

"It seems that this old man hadn\'t given me any nice face for so long. After he left, I felt uncomfortable," Zhao Huimin said, rubbing her eyes.

"Who knows if she\'s actually uncomfortable or if she\'s just pretending?" Fang Hua laughed sarcastically as she walked past Zhao Huimin, her eyes full of ridicule for Zhao Huimin.

"You!" Zhao Huimin was so furious that she was lost in words.

Zhao Huimin\'s expression made Fang Hua laughed out loud. At the funeral, this kind of laughter was particularly noticeable.

Fang Hua became the centre of attention, and Gu Zhilin glared at her directly.

When Mrs. Fang saw this, she dragged Fang Hua away and said, "The old man had left, and Fang Hua was stimulated. I wish you all wouldn\'t be offended by her sadness..."

As her mother pulled her away unwillingly, Fang Hua stared at Gu Zhiqian. The scene was rather comical.

Gu Zhilin followed Fang Hua\'s gaze and noticed Gu Zhiqian. He walked toward Gu Zhiqian coldly, "What did grandfather say to you in the ward that day?"