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Chapter 1621 - The Most Sincere Tears

As Gu Zhilin spoke, he walked towards Gu Zichen and his ex-wife. They still appeared like a family of three when they stood beside one another.

Gu Zhilin\'s actions had made Fang Hua so angry that her whole body trembled, "Gu Zhilin, come here! I\'m your wife!"

"What? When have you ever treated yourself as my wife? You seem to be still thinking about someone else\'s husband!" Gu Zhilin glanced at Guan Meiyi; at this point, he had nothing to be worried about. Since Grandfather Gu was about to die and that his position as the head of the family was secured, it was impossible to bring him down, "Don\'t think that I don\'t know about your little thoughts, Fang Hua! If you still want to continue with your life peacefully, then stop making a scene now!"

It was known to all in the room that Fang Hua had previously wanted to marry Gu Zhiqian. After she married Gu Zhilin, and Gu Zhiqian was already married with a child, everyone assumed Fang Hua had also changed her mind. But hearing Gu Zhilin\'s words, could it be that Fang Hua still had Gu Zhiqian in his heart?

This was a mess.

Suddenly, the ward door burst open, and the lawyer walked out with a cold face, "Stop arguing. You\'d already affected Master Gu."

His words immediately silenced the crowd.

"Lawyer, how is my grandfather doing? Is it okay for us to go in now?" Gu Zhiming took the initiative to step forward and asked eagerly.

Even though Gu Zhiming was the second young master of the Gu Family, the lawyer who stood in front of him was the one in charge of all matters related to the old man. Being the lawyer who had always stood by Old Master Gu, the division of the inheritance would have to go through him in the future.

The lawyer looked at Gu Zhiming coldly. Some people had already exposed their intention even when the old man was still alive.

"The old man wants you to go in."

Upon hearing the lawyer\'s words, Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan quickly rushed into the ward. They laid on the side of the old man\'s bed and pretended to be in distress, "Grandfather, how are you feeling? You can\'t just leave us like this..."

Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan\'s words made the old man laughed coldly, "I think the two of you want me to die faster so that you can share my property."

Their grandfather\'s response stunned the siblings, who shook their heads quickly, "Grandfather, don\'t say that. I think you misunderstood us..."

"What have I misunderstood?" Old Master Gu looked at them coldly, "I\'m sick, but I\'m not deaf. I heard everything you said outside. I believe you don\'t know any shame at all. All your greedy faces were exposed in front of the shareholders and the other Gu family members..."

They stood up in embarrassment after Old Master Gu reprimanded them mercilessly.

Gu Zhilin and the others were the last to enter. It had been a long time since Gu Zichen had seen his great-grandfather, so he pounced on him and cried, "Great-grandfather..."

"You are a good boy... My Zichen is the most obedient. You shed the most sincere tears..."

Gu Zichen was probably the only person who didn\'t want Old Master Gu to leave the world in the entire ward.

Gu Zhilin had been watching Gu Zhiqian ever since he entered the ward. He was inquisitive about what Grandfather Gu had said to Gu Zhiqian.

However, at this moment, Gu Zhiqian walked out of the ward and held Guan Meiyi, who was standing at the door, "Let\'s go."

Zhao Huimin was stunned, "Son, you\'re also a child of the Gu Family. Why are you leaving now?"

Even a blind person could see that Old Master Gu was going to discuss his funeral arrangements. It would be inappropriate for Gu Zhiqian to leave like this.