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Chapter 1617 - What Exactly Did the Old Man Say

Gu Zhiqian did not want to waste any more words with Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan. Taking Guan Meiyi in his arms, he prepared to walk into the ward.

However, Gu Zhiming blocked the ward\'s entrance, "You\'re not allowed to go in! You have no right to enter!"

Gu Zhiming instantly blocked the door of the ward. At the same time, Liang Zi, who stood behind Gu Zhiqian, stepped forward and protected Gu Zhiqian. He gave Gu Zhiming a deadly stare as if he would disarm Gu Zhiming immediately if he touched Gu Zhiqian.

Liang Zi\'s skills had been witnessed by Gu Zhiming, Gu Zhihuan, and the elders present. Even the guards of the Gu family were unable to take him down; thus, it would be impossible for Gu Zhiming to resist any attack due to his slight frame.

Gu Zhiming\'s legs weakened when he saw Liang Zi\'s stern and terrifying look, "What do you mean by this, Gu Zhiqian?! Are you maltreating me in front of grandfather\'s ward?!"

"Liang Zi!" the young man called out coldly to the person in front of him.

Liang Zi gave Gu Zhiming another glare before stepping back behind Gu Zhiqian again.

The ward\'s door was pushed open from the inside at this moment. Gu Zhilin walked out with a dark expression. Giving Gu Zhiqing a strange look, he reluctantly uttered, "Go in. Grandpa wants you to go inside by yourself."

Gu Zhilin stood to the side upon saying this, but his facial expression displayed no signs of relaxation.

"Liang Zi, protect Meiyi and my mom," Gu Zhiqian informed Liangzi.

"I will, boss!" Liang Zi stood behind Guan Meiyi and Zhao Huimin, observing those around the two silently like a wolf.

Gu Zhiqian stepped into the old man\'s ward, and the door was closed by the old man\'s lawyer, blocking all curiosity and suspicion outside the door.

After staring at the tightly shut door for a moment, Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan glared at Guan Meiyi and Zhao Huimin before walking toward Gu Zhilin.

"Brother, did grandfather said anything to you? Did he mention his will?" Gu Zhihuan asked straightforwardly as this was her primary concern.

However, the situation was of most significant concern to Gu Zhihuan and everyone else.

There was still something wrong with Gu Zhilin\'s expression, and Gu Zhihuan\'s question made his expression even more unsightly. He replied impatiently, "No!"

"None? That\'s impossible!" Gu Zhihuan was not convinced. Aside from Gu Zhihuan, Gu Zhiming and the others present also did not believe what they heard. Gu Zhilin and the old man were in the ward for quite some time, and the lawyer was also present. Thus, even if they were beaten to death, they would remain skeptical that the old man did not mention anything about his will.

"Brother, tell me the truth! What did grandfather say? How would he distribute the assets, the company, as well as the shares in his hands?" Gu Zhiming repeated the question. While he could not compete for the head of the family with Gu Zhilin, or even president or chairman, his part of the share that he deserved could not be more minor.

"I\'d said no! The answer is no! Grandfather didn\'t mention anything about this to me!" Gu Zhilin shouted angrily.

"If Grandpa didn\'t disclose this, then what did he say then?" Gu Zhihuan continued asking. In short, they must know the content of the conversation between the old man and Gu Zhilin.

Gu Zhilin\'s face turned extremely ugly. At first, he thought the old man had asked him to remain in the ward alone to tell him about the funeral and the property allocation.