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Chapter 1611 - Regarding Mao Tuan\'s Fate

Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian didn\'t come back for a whole day and night. As soon as they got home, Mao Tuan rushed to greet them while wagging his tail excitedly.

Guan Meiyi carried Mao Tuan as usual, and Mao Tuan began to lick Guan Meiyi\'s chin happily.

"What are you doing?!" Suddenly, Zhao Huimin screamed and quickly snatched Mao Tuan from Guan Meiyi\'s arms. "You\'re pregnant, have you forgotten? Don\'t get so close to the dog!"

Guan Meiyi was stunned. "But Mao Tuan is very clean..."

"Even so, that won\'t do. I\'ve have experience in this, so you should listen to me!" Zhao Huimin\'s attitude was unyielding. "In short, you can\'t keep this dog anymore. Give him to someone else!"

Guan Meiyi looked at Mao Tuan\'s cute appearance and really couldn\'t bear to give it to someone else, "Mom, actually, as long as I pay attention and have regular checkups, and be more attentive towards Mao Tuan\'s hygiene, giving him regular baths and vaccinations, there won\'t be any problems for me and the child. There are so many families with dogs overseas, but the misses never sent the dog away when they are pregnant."

"This is China, how can it be the same as overseas? Even the air is different, so therefore the dogs are too!" In short, Zhao Huimin had made up her mind that she could no longer have a dog.

"How is it different? Everyone lives on Earth, so they\'re all the same." Guan Meiyi couldn\'t bear to part with Mao Tuan. In her opinion, her pregnancy and Mao Tuan didn\'t conflict.

Guan Meiyi originally thought that the house at home was big enough that even if Zhao Huimin moved in, it would not affect her original life.

However, she did not expect that on the first day, there would be a difference between her and Zhao Huimin\'s views.

"In any case, it\'s not possible. You can\'t raise this dog while you\'re pregnant!" Zhao Huimin refused to compromise, as if Mao Tuan would affect her grandson as long as he was in the house.

Guan Meiyi had no choice but to look at Gu Zhiqian for help. Back then, Mao Tuan was adopted by Gu Zhiqian. Now, he should be reluctant to send Mao Tuan away.

Gu Zhiqian looked at Guan Meiyi with understanding. "Mom, Mao Tuan is already my and Meiyi\'s family. We won\'t send him away."

"You... are going to kill my grandson for a dog!" Zhao Huimin frowned, "Even if he\'s not carrying germs, look at how lively he is. What if he steps on or tripped Meiyi? No, I\'m too worried!"

"The house is so big. We can set up fences to reduce the chances of Mao Tuan coming into contact with Meiyi. Besides, Mao Tuan is usually very obedient. It\'s just that he hasn\'t seen us for a long time, so he became overly excited." Gu Zhiqian said in a calm tone.

Seeing that Zhao Huimin\'s expression was somewhat more relaxed, Guan Meiyi immediately said, "That\'s right, mom, I\'ll take extra care of myself. After all, it\'s my own child. How can I not care? Mao Tuan is usually very obedient. You\'ll know once you come into contact with him. Besides, look how cute he is."

Zhao Huimin curled her lips and lifted Mao Tuan up. The little guy was looking at her with a pair of big black eyes, tilting his head. As soon as his small eyes appeared, he directly captured Zhao Huimin\'s heart. In fact, she was not a cold-hearted person. She used to like cats and dogs, but they would never be kept around for long.

In order to let Zhao Huimin be completely at ease, Gu Zhiqian specially contacted a specialist in the field of pregnant women and infants. The obstetrician personally told Zhao Huimin that scientifically, pet ownership would not cause any harm to pregnant women and children. Hearing the obstetrician\'s words, Zhao Huimin finally agreed to continue keeping Mao Tuan.