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Chapter 1609 - No Face Left

Seeing Zhao Huimin come down, Gu Zhilin quickly stood up for the sake of preserving his dignity as the head of the family. His face was extremely ugly.

Grandfather Gu stared at Zhao Huimin and looked at the luggage in the hands of the people behind her. "Zhao Huimin, you better think this through. If you walk out of this house today, it will be difficult for you to come back in the future."

If it was before, Zhao Huimin would definitely be threatened by Granfather Gu\'s words. However, she had come to terms with it now. If she stayed, she would also be bullied by these people. She might as well live a carefree life with Gu Zhiqian, and the situation now is obviously different, Guan Meiyi is pregnant, so she is going to be a grandmother.

With this in mind, Zhao Huimin raised her chin and said resolutely, "Grandfather, you don\'t have to scare me with such words. I\'ve made up my mind. I\'m going to live with my own son. I\'m not going to be an eyesore here, and I\'m not going to be bullied by you here. "Moreover, what Master of the Gu family, I don\'t think there\'s much to it."

Zhao Huimin\'s last sentence was a reflection of Gu Zhilin. Seeing how Gu Zhilin had to bow and kneel before Grandfather Gu even after becoming the master of the family, there was no point in being the master of the family. Zhao Huimin only regretted that she had not thought things through earlier. Otherwise, she would have gone out and lived a carefree life much earlier.

"Alright, Meiyi is still in the hospital. I have to hurry and see her." As she said this, Zhao Huimin waved at the people behind her. "Let\'s go. Goodbye, Old Master."

Seeing Zhao Huimin leave with her people and luggage, Old Master Gu\'s heart seemed to be empty. It was not because he could not bear to part with Zhao Huimin, but because from now on, Gu Zhiqian was really going to draw a line between himself and the Gu family, he no longer had any bargaining ch.i.p.s to use against Gu Zhiqian.

For a moment, Grandfather Gu really wanted to send someone to call Zhao Huimin back. However, that thought was ultimately swallowed back by his strong self-pride.

Gu Zhihuan watched coldly as Zhao Huimin left and muttered, "It\'s even better that she\'s gone. She\'s been an eyesore for so many years. Now, the old bastard and the little bastard have nothing more to do with the Gu family!"

Gu Zhihuan\'s words had barely faded when he was shocked by the fierce gaze of Old Master Gu. "Grandfather..."

Old Master Gu looked at the one or two people standing around him and sighed heavily. He supported himself with his walking stick and returned to the study. He slammed the study door shut, isolating himself inside.

Gu Zhilin\'s face was ashen. He was really unlucky today.

At this time, Fang Hua also remembered the purpose of her visit. She said coldly, "My daddy asked me to look for you. He wanted me to ask you why you weren\'t at the company and why your cell phone was switched off. He wants you to call him back. He wants to talk to you about the WR project."

Gu Zhilin had been lectured, scolded and forced to kneel down by Old Master Gu, and was even ridiculed by Zhao Huimin. Now, hearing Fang Hua\'s voice full of disdain, he was instantly enraged. "Talk! What\'s there to talk!"

"Gu Zhilin, why are you shouting at me!?" Back then, it was the Gu family who couldn\'t get this project, so they took the initiative to find my father to jointly participate. Now that something has happened, can\'t my father even ask about it? You\'re the President of the Gu family, who else would my father look for if not you? Moreover, he\'s your father-in-law, what\'s wrong with finding you! Why don\'t you have any sense of responsibility? When something happens, do you only know how to run and seek Grandfather\'s protection?" Fang Hua reprimanded Gu Zhilin in front of Gu Zhiming, Gu Zhihuan, and the servants. She did not give Gu Zhilin any face at all.