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Chapter 1608 - This Is Really Rare!

Old Master Gu staggered and kicked Gu Zhilin away. Then, Gu Zhilin pounced on him again and continued to hug his leg, begging for mercy.

Old Master Gu looked at Gu Zhilin, the grandson that he had placed high hopes on since young. Looking at this grandson that he had carefully nurtured and always doted on, Old Master Gu felt a wave of desolation in his heart.

If it were Gu Zhiqian, he would definitely not do such a thing, and he would even more disdain this behavior.

The situation in front of him was too chaotic. Zhao Huimin was still on the second floor. If she saw such a scene, who knew how she would interpret them. Gu Zhiming, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke up, "Grandfather, now is not the time to be angry with Big Brother. Even though what he did was wrong, he is the president of the Gu Corporation. His heart is still with the Gu Corporation. We can talk about the shares later. The most important thing now is the matter concerning the WR project. We can\'t just sit here and wait for WR to sue us."

Industrial fraud and bribery were both felonies. Once the matter was exposed, it would be a disaster for the Gu Corporation.

Hearing Gu Zhiming\'s words, Grandfather Gu took a deep breath and calmed his breathing. He was helped to sit on the sofa by Gu Zhihuan. He stared at Gu Zhilin while taking deep breaths.

Gu Zhiming sat next to Grandfather Gu. "Grandfather, do you think this has something to do with Gu Zhiqian?"

"Why do you say that?" Grandfather Gu asked in a low voice.

"Two major incidents have happened in the Gu Corporation, but Gu Zhiqian already transferred his shares out a month ago. Did he already know this would happen to the Gu Corporation, so he drew a clear line in advance?" Gu Zhiming analyzed.

Gu Zhilin also felt that it made sense and immediately shouted, "Gu Zhiqian! That\'s right, it must be Gu Zhiqian. Gu Zhiqian must have something to do with this. Furthermore, after what happened in the Gu family yesterday, Guan Meiyi was sent to the hospital in the end, and then something happened to the Gu Corporation today!"

Old Master Gu\'s eyes became serious, obviously listening to Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhilin\'s words.

"But..." Gu Zhiming continued, "This Gu Zhiqian is just an actor, how could he be so capable?"

"He can\'t, but Ruan Zeyan could? Maybe Ruan Zeyan is the one who helped him!" Gu Zhilin said without thinking.

"But why would Ruan Zeyan do that?"

"Isn\'t Guan Meiyi Ling Tianya\'s cousin? Ling Tianya must have begged Ruan Zeyan for help, that must be it!" Gu Zhilin said self-righteously.

"Shut up! Don\'t you have any brains?" Grandfather Gu reprimanded Gu Zhilin in a deep voice, "The Gu Corporation and Yuan Teng Corporation are still working on a few projects. If something happens to the Gu Corporation, Yuan Teng Corporation will definitely suffer losses too. Do you think Ruan Zeyan is a fool? Will he cause losses to his own company because of a woman? or because of someone else\'s woman?"

Gu Zhilin also felt that what Grandfather Gu said made sense. "But..."

Grandfather Gu glared at Gu Zhilin. "In short, let\'s first find out who the legal person of Glory World is! I always felt that this matter has something to do with Glory World."

Because she was worried about Guan Meiyi, Zhao Huimin quickly packed her things and led her people down the stairs in a grandiose manner. When she saw Gu Zhilin kneeling on the ground, she was shocked, "Oh my, what happened? Why is he kneeling on the ground during the New Year? This is really rare!"