Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1605 - I Have Nothing to Do With the Gu Family

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Chapter 1605 - I Have Nothing to Do With the Gu Family

Fang Hua stood and watched Zhao Huimin bragging with a face full of joy. Is it possible that Guan Meiyi fainted yesterday because she was pregnant?

"You\'re lying! How could Guan Meiyi become pregnant in such as short period?!" Fang Hua was hit hard by the news. How could destiny favor Guan Meiyi more? Not only did she marry Gu Zhiqian, but she also became pregnant with his child so quickly!

It had only been just a while ago since they got married, how could she become pregnant so soon! Having a child would bind them together, then they would be inseparable!

In the same way that although Fang Hua had discouraged Gu Zhilin from meeting his ex-wife, they still met if there were any signs of trouble with Gu Zichen.

"How could this be happening..." Fang Hua stayed awake and aggrieved for the entire night, but now she was informed with such a shocking piece of news.

She had long forgotten that Fang Zhenglong had asked her to find Gu Zhilin at this moment. She could not help wondering what made Guan Meiyi so lucky to be blessed with a child so soon.

"What do you mean by that? My daughter-in-law has a golden stomach thus she could get pregnant shortly after getting married. Is there a problem?" Zhao Huimin was upset with what Fang Hua had said. Back then, she was very fond of Fang Hua as she was one of the fine and elegant ladies. But now, Fang Hua seems like a psycho shrew to her. Where did the elegancy disappear to? The Fang family had spoilt her too much which allowed her to be on airs of being the daughter of a wealthy family.

In contrast with Fang Hua, Guan Meiyi was more well-educated, reasonable, and better in terms of her physical appearance. The only shortcoming was her slightly inferior background, which would not affect her much from getting successful in the future. Back when Ruan Zeyan married Ling Tianya, the latter was only known as a screenwriter to the outside world. Even so, the Ruan family continued to fully support their marriage.

Thus, one could not just rely on the nothingness of one\'s family background when it came to marriage.

In short, nothing is relevant to Zhao Huimin for the time being since she now had a grandson. Right now, the most important thing was the condition of Guan Meiyi\'s stomach.

With Zhao Huimin\'s return with a mighty team back to the Gu family together with Fang Hua\'s loud voice, they had successfully attracted the attention of those in the study room.

When he saw Zhao Huimin and the people she brought with her, Grandfather Gu asked in a deep voice, "What are you doing?"

Zhao Huimin was in a good mood today. Despite being treated coldly by the Gu family, she did not take it to heart. While smiling and gesticulating in excitement, she answered, "Grandfather, Meiyi is pregnant. Her pregnancy was discovered at the hospital after she was brought there when she fainted yesterday. Congratulations, Grandpa, you\'re going to be a great-grandfather again."

"Guan Meiyi is pregnant!" Grandfather Gu\'s expression became complicated, "Then why did you bring these people back since she\'s pregnant? Wasn\'t the scene from yesterday suffice?"

Other than some of Gu Zhiqian\'s subordinates, Zhao Huimin did not bring anyone else back. They looked familiar to the Gu family members as some of them had broken into the Gu\'s house with Liang Zi the day before.

"Grandfather, please don\'t overthink. They are here to assist me with the relocation. I\'ll be moving over to Zhiqian\'s place," Zhao Huimin paused with her eyes sweeping over the few people present, "Ever since I lived with the Gu family, I have not been favored by anyone here. Having me gone will put all of you at ease. From now on, I will no longer be involved in the matters of the Gu family. I\'ll be taking care of Meiyi and looking forward to welcoming my grandson to the world!