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Chapter 1603 - Find Out the Origin of This Company

"What should we do now, Grandfather?" Gu Zhilin rushed back in a hurry to seek some advice from his grandfather. It was chaotic within the company\'s top management as the shareholders and directors all surrounded him and questioned the stock price limit. However, before he could figure it out, another major blow struck. Gu Zhilin felt like he was going crazy.

"You\'re asking me what to do? You\'re the president of the company. Don\'t you have any countermeasures to deal with this kind of situation? Why are you seeking solutions from an old man like me who has retired to the second tier? You\'re completely useless! When I leave in the future, how are you going to support the entire Gu family?" Grandfather Gu reprimanded Gu Zhilin angrily; the matter appeared imminent. His grandson did not react immediately the moment he received the news. Instead, he abandoned the company and the shareholders to go home to ask for help from an old man like him. How would the people in the company judge Gu Zhilin, and also he who is the head of the Gu family!

Old Master Gu was so angry that his entire body trembled. For the first time in his life, he felt powerless. This sense of powerlessness and anger makes him more enraged compared to the news that Gu Zhiqian had brought.

As the fact that the outside world would view Gu Zhilin\'s incompetence as a reflection of the entire Gu family\'s ability. Old Master Gu was not pleased with the situation.

Grandfather Gu reprimanded his grandson. Despite feeling wronged, Gu Zhilin did not dare to respond. Before this incident occurred, Gu Corporation had always been successful; many companies wanted to cooperate with them. They had always succeeded even when they encountered big projects like WR, therefore this was the first time they had encountered such an incident. Although Gu Zhilin was the company\'s president, he had relied on his predecessors to build his empire. He believed that as long as he did not cause any trouble, the Gu Corporation would continue to succeed.

However, he did not expect reality to give him a heavy blow, and he was caught off guard completely.

"Grandfather, it is not the time to criticize big brother now. How should we resolve this issue?" Gu Zhiming asked anxiously, "The shares of the Gu Corporation have fallen since the start of trading until now. Then, a problem suddenly arose between the Gu Corporation and the Fang Corporation. Both events took place almost simultaneously. That seems like a strange coincidence, doesn\'t it?"

Gu Zhiming\'s words caught Grandfather Gu\'s attention, he sternly asked Gu Zhilin, "This project of WR is very crucial, and the bidding is about to start now. It\'s been a while; they might not have time to conduct another bidding. Hence, they will find another company to take over this project as soon as possible. Are you aware of the company which will undertake it?"

The expression on Gu Zhilin\'s face changed upon hearing Grandfather Gu\'s question. Taking out his phone, he responded, "Don\'t worry, Grandfather. I\'ll ask now."

"You only react now?! It\'s such an important issue and you didn\'t inquire about it in advance? Now you have the nerve to ask me! How did you become the president?!" Grandfather Gu\'s body trembled with anger.

Gu Zhilin started to make a phone call while his face blushed. After asking around, he informed Grandpa Gu, "It\'s a foreign company called Shengshi and it\'s registered abroad."

Shengshi\'s stock had been rising all the way. Although the rise was not huge, it had been very steady. There was almost no time for it to fall.

"Find out the origin of this company and who the legal person in charge is!"