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Chapter 1600 - TeaChapter Them A Lesson

It was through this incident that Gu Zhiqian completely let go. He no longer expected to be valued by Old Master Gu. From then on, he had never called him grandfather, but had always called him Old Master. Since the entire Gu family thought that he was a mischievous child, then he would continue to be mischievous until the end. He didn\'t care about the Gu family\'s inheritance at all, nor did he care about the Gu family\'s wealth. He only wanted to grow up as soon as possible and leave this place.

In fact, Gu Zhiqian\'s goal had always been very simple. He wanted to leave the Gu family peacefully. Even though Old Master Gu didn\'t take care of him very much, he had always been well taken care of since he was young. Old Master Gu didn\'t mistreat him when it came to food and daily necessities. As long as the Gu family didn\'t cross his bottom line, everything else was negotiable.

However, the Gu family had already crossed his bottom line.

His bottom line was none other than Guan Meiyi.

Not only Fang Hua, but every member of the Gu family was involved in targeting Guan Meiyi. In order to prevent such things from happening in the future, Gu Zhiqian felt it was necessary to teach them a lesson.

"Liang Zi!" Gu Zhiqian called Liang Zi over.

"Boss, what are your orders?" Liang Zi walked to Gu Zhiqian\'s side respectfully.

Gu Zhiqian whispered something in Liang Zi\'s ear. Liang Zi nodded and said, "Okay, boss, I\'ll do it right away."

With that, Liang Zi quickly left the hospital.

Zhao Huimin looked at Liang Zi\'s back, and her eyes lit up. She asked Gu Zhiqian curiously, "Son, why did that person call you boss? Did you start a company?"

Gu Zhiqian didn\'t answer Zhao Huimin. He was completely focused on Guan Meiyi now.

However, Zhao Huimin wan\'t worried about Guan Meiyi. She was only concerned about how powerful Gu Zhiqian was now. "Son, what did you let Liang Zi do? You don\'t know how proud I was at the Gu family just now. When I saw Fang Hua kneel down, I was so relieved. And the way Gu Zhilin and the Old Master were dissed felt so good!"

Feeling that Zhao Huimin\'s voice was a little noisy, Gu Zhiqian frowned. "Mom, can you stop talking?"

Zhao Huimin froze, then she put on a sheepish expression as she said in a sour tone, "Okay, okay, I won\'t talk anymore. Your mom is no longer important after you got married... Even when I was sick, I didn\'t see you

so worried. Is it that I have to die for you to worry about me?"

"Is it meaningful for you to say such things?"Gu Zhiqian was already agitated at this moment, so he wasn\'t in the mood to deal with Zhao Huimin.

"How is it not meaningful? How..."

Before Zhao Huimin could finish her words, the door of the emergency room opened. The doctor came out from inside, but his expression wasn\'t heavy. Instead, there was a smile on his face.

"How is my wife?" Gu Zhiqian strode forward and asked the doctor.

Seeing how anxious Gu Zhiqian was about Guan Meiyi, Zhao Huimin followed him with a sour expression on her face. "Yes, how is she? Is her life in danger?"

Hearing Zhao Huimin\'s words, Gu Zhiqian\'s expression turned ugly, but he didn\'t say anything because he was also concerned about this problem.

The doctor smiled and said, "There is indeed life, but there is no danger."

Gu Zhiqian frowned. He didn\'t understand what the doctor meant.

"What do you mean, doctor? What\'s wrong with her?" Zhao Huimin asked impatiently.

"Congratulations, your wife has been pregnant for a month now."