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Chapter 1594 - Slapping Gu Zhilin in The Face

Fang Hua\'s expression changed. Of course, she hadn\'t forgotten what she had said. However, the reason she had said that was because she was certain that the ring was on Guan Meiyi\'s body. She would never kneel down and apologize to her.

She had thought that this matter would be settled just like that. She didn\'t expect that Guan Meiyi had no intention of letting it go.

Seeing that Fang Hua didn\'t move, Guan Meiyi raised her eyebrows. "What? Does my sister-in-law not know how to kneel, or do you not intend to kneel and apologize to me at all?"

Fang Hua bit her lips and said, "Guan Meiyi, don\'t go too far."

Guan Meiyi chuckled and said, "Yo! How am I going too far? When you didn\'t find the ring on me, didn\'t you continue relentlessly? On the contrary, you repeatedly accused me of taking the ring and even told the police to arrest me. Sister-in-law, when you did all those things, did you ever think about how you were going too far?" Guan Meiyi rolled her eyes and said, "Or rather, was it really like what Butler Xu said? You instructed Butler Xu to put the ring on my body so that you could frame me for stealing? Otherwise, how could you be so sure that the ring was on my body? In order to prove your point, you didn\'t hesitate to say that you would kneel down and apologize to me if you wronged me."

Guan Meiyi\'s words were reasonable. Fang Hua couldn\'t think of any words to refute her. Her face became livid as she glared at Guan Meiyi viciously. She gritted her teeth, as if she wanted to devour Guan Meiyi.

"I\'m the Young Madam of the Gu family. How can I kneel down to you? So what if I\'ve wronged you?" Fang Hua said coldly. At this time, she could only use her identity as the Young Madam of the Gu family as an excuse.

"Sister-in-law, it\'s because you\'re the Young Madam of the Gu family that you have to keep your word, isn\'t it?" Guan Meiyi asked softly, as if she wasn\'t going to let Fang Hua off the hook.

When Zhao Huimin saw Fang Hua being dissed and Gu Zhilin\'s embarrassed face, she secretly felt happy. She cleared her throat and said matter of factly, "Exactly. Since you\'re the Young Madam of the Gu family, you have to stand by your words. Since you\'ve said it, you have to do it. Otherwise, how can you win the trust of others? Those who don\'t know would think that the Young Madam of the Gu family is imm.a.t.u.r.e due to her young age." Zhao Huimin chukled lightly as she said, "And I think that Butler Xu\'s words are reasonable. He was just a little Butler. No matter how greedy he is, he knows the importance of Fang Hua\'s ring. Even if he had guts, he wouldn\'t dare to steal it."

In fact, the people present had already understood everything. From the beginning to the end, Fang Hua was the one who had set Guan Meiyi up. It was just that in the end, her plan backfired. Instead of setting Guan Meiyi up, Butler Xu was exposed and he exposed her in reeturn in the end. She ended up losing more than she could\'ve potentially gained.

But now, it seemed that Guan Meiyi had more tricks up her sleeve than Fang Hua. Not only had she seen through Fang Hua\'s little trick earlier, she had also discreetly proven her innocence. It seemed that she was the one who had placed the ring on Butler Xu\'s body. Butler Xu actually didn\'t know about it at all.

At that moment, the expressions of the Elders present changed when they looked at Guan Meiyi again. Even Old Master Gu\'s expression changed when he looked at Guan Meiyi again.

Guan Meiyi knocked on the table lightly and smiled at Fang Hua. "Sister-in-law, hurry up. I\'m waiting."

Fang Hua clenched her fists tightly. Kneel down to Guan Meiyi? Don\'t even think about it!

Gu Zhilin\'s expression was extremely ugly. He was now the Master of the Gu family. If Fang Hua really knelt down to Guan Meiyi, it would be equivalent to slapping his face!