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Chapter 1592 - Told The Truth

Gu Zhilin took the ring from the police officer\'s hand and questioned Butler Xu sternly, "Why is Fang Hua\'s ring with you? Did you steal it?"

"It wasn\'t me... It really wasn\'t me..." Butler Xu was now completely fl.u.s.tered. First it was a jade slip, and now it was a ring. "I didn\'t steal that jade slip. It was Fourth Young Master\'s butler who told me that this thing wasn\'t worth anything and that if I liked it, I could have it. That\'s why I took it. I really didn\'t steal it! Old Master, you have to believe me! Officer, you have to believe me! I didn\'t steal it!" Butler Xu explained hysterically. If he didn\'t explain clearly now, he would really be taken away.

"You\'re still lying! The jade slip aside, how do you explain the ring? Why did the ring fall out of your pocket?!" Gu Zhilin was about to die of anger. Before this, he had really thought that Guan Meiyi had taken the ring and had even quarreled with Gu Zhiqian. Fang Hua, in particular, had been relentless with Guan Meiyi and had said all kinds of nasty things. Now, it turns out that Butler Xu was the one who had stolen the ring. Gu Zhilin felt very embarrassed.

"I\'m innocent. I heard the Young Madam..."

"Shut up!" Butler Xu was about to tell the whole story when Fang Hua stopped him.

He couldn\'t say it out loud. He couldn\'t say it in front of so many people. He couldn\'t!

"What about the Young Madam?" Gu Zhilin glared at Butler Xu coldly. "You\'ve been a Butler in the Gu family for more than ten years. The Gu family has treated you well, so I really didn\'t expect you to do such a thing. You\'ve really embarrassed the Gu family!"

"That\'s right, brother. It doesn\'t seem like it\'s his first time doing this. The police happen to be here, so why don\'t we search his room? Maybe we can find something else," Gu Zhiming, who had been silent all this time, said at this time, "Come, you guys, go search Butler Xu\'s room. See if there\'s anything else!"

Gu Zhiming casually pointed at a few people to search Butler Xu\'s room. Now that things were like this, it was better for the public story to be that the butler had committed a criminal act than something else.

Seeing that the servants were heading to his room, Butler Xu became anxious and said, "Don\'t search my room. I really didn\'t steal the ring! This ring is..."

"Didn\'t I tell you to shut up?! You obviously stole it, so do you still want to quibble?" Fang Hua glared at Butler Xu.

However, Butler Xu couldn\'t care less at this time. In the past few years, he had stolen various things in the Gu family. He often took advantage of these masters\' carelessness to steal little things for himself. Some of them were sold for money, and some of them were kept for himself. Anyway, the Gu family was rich. They didn\'t care if these little things were lost, so Butler Xu kept them with peace of mind. He never thought that the day when his dirty deeds would be exposed would come.

Now, Gu Zhiming asked the servants to search his room. He didn\'t know if those little things would be found. Every one of them was worth a lot of money. If he was sentenced, it would be a lot of years in prison.

However, that wasn\'t the most important thing. The most important thing was that Young Madam\'s ring indeed wasn\'t stolen by him. If this was also blamed on him, wouldn\'t he be sent to prison for a long time?

Looking at Fang Hua\'s face, he saw that although she was clearly the one who gave it to him, she didn\'t care about his fate now. The more Butler Xu thought about it, the angrier he got. He directly said, "I didn\'t steal that ring. It was the Young Madam who asked me to arrange for someone to secretly put the ring on Guan Meiyi to frame her for stealing the ring!"