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Chapter 1591 - The Ring Was Found

"Fang Hua, we\'ll talk about your ring later! You\'re not allowed to make a sound now!" Old Master Gu gave Fang Hua an ultimatum.

Zhao Huimin looked at Old Master Gu\'s attitude towards Fang Hua and felt uncomfortable. If she was the one who was throwing a tantrum at the police at this time, Old Master Gu would definitely scold her fiercely.

Last time, when Fang Hua had spoken rudely to her, she had complained about this matter to the Old Master. The Old Master\'s reaction was also indifferent. On the contrary, he said that she didn\'t act like an Elder by fussing with the younger generations. He even warned her not to stir up trouble at home. Zhao Huimin almost died of anger.

It was obvious that everyone in the Gu family didn\'t take her seriously. She was really aggrieved.

Today, Guan Meiyi was the one who spoke up for her against Fang Hua. When Zhao Huimin thought about it and looked at the current situation, she didn\'t despire Guan Meiyi that much anymore.

With this thought, Zhao Huimin looked at Fang Hua arrogantly. "Old Master is right. Your small matters are domestic affairs. Now, don\'t interfere with the police\'s case and cause trouble here."

Fang Hua was already unhappy that Old Master Gu had asked her to shut up. Now, Zhao Huimin was also scolding her. "You\'re just helping your own daughter-in-law, aren\'t you?!"

"Nonsense, should I help you instead of helping her?!" With that said, Zhao Huimin felt a little awkward again, so she cleared her throat and said, "I\'m helping the family, but you\'re being unreasonable!"

Seeing Zhao Huimin\'s reaction just now, Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi looked at each other and pursed their lips into a smile.

"Okay, stop arguing. We have to take the butler of your mansion back to be investigated!" The police were not interested in hearing about the Gu family\'s troubles. They just wanted to take him away and leave.

"I didn\'t steal it! I really didn\'t steal it!" Using his position as the butler of the Gu family, Butler Xu used to always act arrogant. Now that he was really in trouble, he was afraid. He looked at Old Master Gu and tried to plead with him, "Old Master... Please help me..."

Old Master Gu wasn\'t in the mood to help a butler. He just didn\'t want the Gu family to become a joke, so he stood up and looked at the police officers to say, "Isn\'t there a misunderstanding? The Gu family aren\'t people who can be arrested so whimsically."

The police officers frowned. Obviously, they also discerned the threat in Old Master Gu\'s words. "We have surveillance footage as evidence. The evidence is conclusive."

Old Master Gu furrowed his brows. He knew that if there was no evidence, the police wouldn\'t have come to the Gu residence to arrest him. Moreover, from Butler Xu\'s timid behavior, he was probably guilty.

Seeing that Old Master Gu had also stopped talking, Butler Xu\'s heart skipped a beat. He was probably done for. He instinctively wanted to escape, but his body crashed into the table. He staggered and fell to the ground. Two things fell out of his pocket. One was a jade slip that he had taken from Gu Zhiqian, the other shiny thing was Fang Hua\'s ring.

Butler Xu was stunned. Why was the Young Madam\'s ring in his coat pocket.

Not only Butler Xu, but everyone present was stunned when they saw the ring.

A police officer walked up to pick up the jade slip and ring. He looked back at Fang Hua and said, "Is this your ring?"

Fang Hua\'s face was ashen. She bit her lips and refused to admit it. However, even if she didn\'t want to admit it, it was her ring.

However, why was the ring that should have been on Guan Meiyi\'s body on Butler Xu\'s body?