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Chapter 1586 - Body Search

Guan Meiyi had been looking at Fang Hua coldly, but in the blink of an eye, Fang Hua had implicated her. Guan Meiyi sneered in her heart. Fang Hua really didn\'t plan on giving it a rest.

"Have you seen my ring?" Fang Hua looked at Guan Meiyi and asked, as if she was implying something.

Guan Meiyi shook her head decisively. "No."

The expression on Fang Hua\'s face became contorted. "How is that possible? My ring was on the table over there. Are you sure you didn\'t see it?"

"I\'m sure," Guan Meiyi answered firmly. She had been here for the entire time and hadn\'t seen any ring at all.

Gu Zhihuan couldn\'t stand it anymore and said, "If you saw it, then say you saw it. Everyone knows that you were the only one who has been setting the tableware here. Since the ring is gone now, did you take it?"

Gu Zhiqian gave her a fierce look, and Gu Zhihuan immediately shut her mouth, but her eyes were full of unwillingness.

Gu Zhiqian withdrew his gaze and took out his phone to communicate with someone on Wechat. Then he put down the phone, and his eyes were cold as he said, "You can\'t speak carelessly. You have to have evidence."

Upon hearing Gu Zhiqian speak up for Guan Meiyi, Fang Hua was overwhelmed with anxiety and she said, "I think Zhihuan\'s words aren\'t without reason. Before I left, I clearly placed the ring on the table, but now it\'s gone. During that period of time, only Guan Meiyi was here. Zhihuan suspicions aren\'t without reason."

Everyone\'s gaze fell on Guan Meiyi, as if they were wondering if she was the one who took Fang Hua\'s ring.

Fang Hua looked at Guan Meiyi arrogantly. "If you really took it, hand it over now. I can take it that you liked it and put it into your pocket unwittingly. If you don\'t admit it, then I can only call the police to deal with it."

"Ah, this is a family matter. Why should the police be involved? It won\'t look good if the scandal spreads out. If you took it, just give it back," An Elder said.

Guan Meiyi smiled and said, "I didn\'t take it, and I didn\'t see sister-in-law\'s ring. However, I\'ve been here all this time. Now that sister-in-law insists that she lost her ring, I don\'t know how to defend myself." Guan Meiyi changed the topic, "But I don\'t need to defend myself. I have a clear conscience. If I say I didn\'t take it, I didn\'t take it."

"You!" Fang Hua glared at Guan Meiyi and said, "So you won\'t shed tears until the nail is on the coffin right? I\'ve already given you the opportunity to admit it, but you didn\'t cherish it."

"Gu Zhilin, keep your wife\'s mouth shut," Gu Zhiqian warned Gu Zhilin coldly.

Gu Zhilin was already annoyed. Now that he was warned by Gu Zhiqian, he was instantly furious. "I think you should keep your wife in line and stop her from stealing things in our own home!"

The expression in Guan Meiyi\'s eyes sharpened and she said, "Okay! Since I can\'t explain it clearly, then call the police!"

Upon hearing that Guan Meiyi was really going to call the police, the Gu family knew that regardless of whether the ring was on her or not, this would become a family scandal so the Gu family would definitely be laughed at.

Old Master Gu\'s face darkened as he looked at Guan Meiyi. "Since you said that you didn\'t take it, let\'s get someone to search you. If you don\'t have it on you, then forget it."

Fang Hua\'s eyes lit up and she said, "Yes, let\'s search her. If we find it, it proves that she took the ring."

"What if you don\'t find it?" Guan Meiyi asked coldly.

"If I don\'t find it, then I\'ll kneel down and apologize to you!" Fang Hua said confidently.

"Very good!" Guan Meiyi\'s eyes were cold as she said, "Sister-in-law, remember what you said!"