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Chapter 1585

After everyone had taken their seats, the servants of the Gu family began to serve the appetizers to everyone.

No matter what delicious food Fang Hua ate, it tasted bland in her mouth. Upon seeing Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi sitting together in a lovey-dovey manner, she lost her appetite.

"She is the fourth child\'s new wife, right?" A white-haired Elder took the initiative to ask. Old Master Gu was the eldest among his brothers and sisters. The one who spoke was his third brother. Gu Zhilin and the others had to call him Third Grandfather.

"Yes, Third Grandfather," Guan Meiyi answered with a smile.

Third Grandfather froze and said, "You know me?"

Guan Meiyi nodded, then stood up with a glass of wine and said, "I know all the Elders here. My name is Guan Meiyi. This is my first time meeting all the Elders. Because I still have work tomorrow, I can\'t drink wine, so I\'ll use water as a substitute for wine to toast all the Elders."

Guan Meiyi took a small sip first, then held her glass to toast each of the Elders. In the end, of course, she still couldn\'t forget to toast Old Master Gu.

The Elders were obviously satisfied with Guan Meiyi\'s behavior. At the very least, she was much better than Fang Hua. Fang Hua probably still didn\'t know who these old men were. Fang Hua allegedly invited them today, but the one who called was Butler Xu.

Ever since Fang Hua had married into the family, every time he saw these old guys, she would put on airs to deal with them. She wasn\'t as humble and easy going as Guan Meiyi.

Looking at Guan Meiyi\'s performance, Old Master Gu also nodded to himself. At least in terms of etiquette and manners Guan Meiyi was still statisfying. This was different from what he had expected before.

Old Master Gu had always had a deep prejudice against celebrities. This was also because in the past, Gu Zhiqian was too self-indulgent, causing scandals and rumors from time to time, and he was also very reckless. This made Old Master Gu think that, since birds of a feather flock together, and Guan Meiyi was also a celebrity, she probably wouldn\'t be that much better.

In addition, the incident between Guan Meiyi and the He family had caused a sensation and became the focus of the entire country. This made Old Master Gu harbor a deep prejudice against her. However, when he looked at her now, she seemed quite well-rounded.

Fang Hua looked at Guan Meiyi\'s actions, then at the Elders\' attitude towards Guan Meiyi. She was instantly enraged and started laughing creepily.

Just as everyone was enjoying the appetizers, Fang Hua suddenly called out and attracted everyone\'s attention to her again.

"What\'s the matter now?" Gu Zhilin asked impatiently. Fang Hua had obviously caused too many drama today.

Fang Hua naturally also heard the impatience in Gu Zhilin\'s tone. She suppressed the anger in heer heart and pretended to be aggrieved as she said, "Our wedding ring is missing."

Looking at Fang Hua\'s hand, he saw that it was indeed b.a.r.e and without a ring.

"What should we do? That\'s our wedding ring. It was very expensive..." Fang Hua looked aggrieved as she looked around, as if she was looking for the ring.

Upon hearing that Fang Hua had lost the wedding ring, Gu Zhilin was furious. Was it because she saw Gu Zhiqian, so she didn\'t even care about their wedding ring anymore? "Are you sure you can\'t find it? You have to look for it again!"

Fang Hua had a worried look on her face and she said, "I really can\'t find it. It\'s gone..."

"Sister-in-law, don\'t worry. When was the last time you saw the ring?" Gu Zhihuan asked.

Fang Hua thought about it for a moment, then her eyes suddenly lit up as she said, "It was here. I was setting the tableware here before. Because the ring was too big, it got in the way, so I took it off and put it aside. Then Guan Meiyi came, then I left the matter of arranging this place to her, and I left..."