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Chapter 1581 - Exchanging Glances

Gu Zhiqian brought Guan Meiyi to his room in the mansion, where he had lived when he was young.

There was a photo frame in one corner of the room, in which Gu Zhiqian stood with his parents. This was the first time Guan Meiyi saw his father\'s picture.

She picked up the photo frame and looked at it carefully. In the photo, Gu Zhiqian\'s father was holding his wife, Zhao Huimin, with one arm and carrying the young Gu Zhiqian with the other. The three of them were laughing happily.

She believed that Zhao Huimin was happy at that time, at least compared to now. Perhaps it was because of that happy time that Zhao Huimin was so obsessed with the position of Mrs. Gu and worked so hard to prove herself in the Gu family. Actually, she was a pitiable woman. She had spent most of her life trying to prove her value. However, she didn\'t know that she had another way to find herself and happiness.

Gu Zhiqian walked over and hugged Guan Meiyi from behind. When he saw the photo, he looked a little sad.

"How old were you at this time?" Guan Meiyi asked.

"About five years old," He answered.

"You look like your father. Among your siblings, you look like him the most."

"My mom said the same thing." At the mention of his mother, Gu Zhiqian sighed. "Forget it, let\'s not talk about it."

Guan Meiyi put down the photo and turned to look at him. "Actually, you can ask mom to live with us. That way, she\'ll be more comfortable. I can tell that she\'s not happy living here."

Hearing Guan Meiyi say this, Gu Zhiqian was very gratified. He knew how Zhao Huimin treated her. Guan Meiyi said this only because Zhao Huimin was his mother. For the same reason, she had taken the risk and pushed his mother away from danger at the salon.

However, he knew his mother. Over the years, he had offered to take her out of the house more than once, but he had been rejected. Gu Zhiqian pursed his lips in resignation. "Let\'s talk about it later."

Not long after, Mr. Xu knocked on the door and said that Fang Hua had asked Guan Meiyi to go to the dining room to prepare for dinner.

Gu Zhiqian was displeased. "There are many servants in the house. Why does she have to do it?"

Mr. Xu was prepared for Gu Zhiqian\'s objection, so he said, "Young Madam said that there are only two granddaughters-in-law in the family, so it\'s their duty to prepare the dinner. Besides, she just needs to set the table, and servants will do the rest."

Gu Zhiqian wanted to say something, but was stopped by Guan Meiyi. She stood up and said with a smile, "Okay, I got it."

Guan Meiyi nodded at Gu Zhiqian, "Don\'t worry, I\'ll be fine."

After saying that, she followed Mr. Xu to the dining room.

Although he was still disdainful of Guan Meiyi, Mr. Xu was a little more careful in front of Gu Zhiqian. He stood at the door respectfully, waiting for her to walk past him before following her.

A maid walked towards them. When she passed by Guan Meiyi, she suddenly staggered and almost fell down.

Without thinking, Guan Meiyi steadied her, "Are you okay?"

The maid shook her head and said, "I\'m fine, thank you." After saying that, she lowered her head and stood to the side.

Guan Meiyi nodded and went on. She didn\'t see Mr. Xu and the maid exchanging glances behind her.