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Chapter 1580 - I Only Listen to Guan Meiyi

Senior Mr. Gu cleared his throat and said, "Since you\'re here, I\'ll repeat what I just said. Now that you\'re married, it doesn\'t look right to get a divorce so soon. During the time that your marriage lasts, I hope that Guan Miyi can stop her work as an actress and stay at home as a proper granddaughter-in-law of Gu family. She shouldn\'t expose herself to the public and disgrace our family."

Gu Zhiqian smiled. "I\'m sorry, Grandfather. Firstly, as I said before, Guan Meiyi is my wife, not the Gu family\'s granddaughter-in-law. Secondly, I have no intention of divorcing her unless she doesn\'t want me. Thirdly, acting is her job and her dream. I will support her unconditionally."

With this simple statement, he simply rejected the old man\'s request. The old man\'s face turned livid with anger.

He had thought that Gu Zhiqian married Guan Meiyi for fun, but now it seemed that it was not the case. This kid was serious.

Gu Zhiqian looked around, and finally his gaze fell on his mother, Zhao Huimin. Before he came, Guan Meiyi must have been besieged by everyone in the Gu family, but his mother did not help. He was a little disappointed, but he had long been used to this feeling. It was not the first time he was disappointed with Zhao Huimin.

And his biggest disappointment was that Zhao Huimin put her title of Mrs. Gu before her own son.

Gu Zhiqian put his arm around Gu Meiyi\'s waist. "In the future, if you don\'t want to, you don\'t have to come here."

With that, he headed toward the door with Gu Meiyi.

Seeing that Gu Zhiqian intended to leave without any regard for his grandfather at all, the senior Mr. Gu shouted angrily, "Gu Zhiqian!"

Anxiously, Zhao Huimin stood up and grabbed Gu Zhiqian\'s arm. "Son, you rarely come back, and this time, you came back with your wife. How can you leave without having a meal at home?"

She glanced at Guan Meiyi, hoping the latter would persuade Gu Zhiqian to stay for the dinner. Seeing that the relationship between Gu Zhiqian and grandfather Gu had reached a freezing point, Zhao Huimin didn\'t want them to continue like this. Otherwise, there would really be no place for her and Gu Zhiqian in the Gu family in the future.

Receiving the signal in Zhao Huimin\'s gaze, Guan Meiyi smiled and said, "Mom is right. Now that we\'re here, let\'s have dinner before leaving. It\'s my first time here, after all."

Gu Zhiqian looked at her in confusion. He had thought she didn\'t want to stay here, but seeing the cunning look in her eyes, he nodded. Now that Guan Meiyi wanted, he didn\'t care.

Seeing that Guan Meiyi\'s words had more weight than hers, Zhao Huimin felt a little uncomfortable, but also a little surprised. She was surprised by Gu Zhiqian\'s attitude towards Guan Meiyi. In the past, Gu Zhiqian had been wild and did whatever he wanted. He had never listened to anyone\'s advice.

Now it seemed that he just didn\'t want to listen to them.

"Let\'s go and eat. Zhiqian and Meiyi will stay for dinner." Zhao Huimin was happy because it had been a long time since the last time Gu Zhiqian had a meal with them in the mansion.