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Chapter 1579 - The Domineering Arrogance

The guard who was kicked down by Gu Zhiqian rolled on the ground before struggling to his feet. He looked at the people in the living room in shock. "The... fourth young master, he..."

Gu Zhiqian had crashed into the gate of the Gu family mansion and drove the car to the mansion. When the guard in the courtyard saw his aggressiveness, he ran over to stop him, but Gu Zhiqian kicked him all the way into the house.

The Gu family obviously didn\'t expect Gu Zhiqian to come so quickly. It seemed that their intelligence was wrong. They were told that Gu Zhiqian wouldn\'t be able to finish his work in a short time, so they sent for Guan Meiyi.

They didn\'t know that after Guan Meiyi left, Ms. Liu informed Gu Zhiqian of the incident, and he immediately left work and came here.

Seeing Gu Zhiqian barging in, the senior Mr. Gu\'s face darkened. "How could you you come in like this? Why didn\'t you inform us in advance?"

Gu Zhiqian sneered. "When you called my wife over, you didn\'t inform us in advance, either."

"How dare you!" His grandfather glared at him. "I\'m your grandfather. Do I need your permission to call her over? You didn\'t ask for my permission when you got married!"

Seeing their grandfather was angry, Gu Zhihuan quickly stood up from her seat and walked to his side. "Grandfather, don\'t be angry."

Actually, she was frightened by Gu Zhiqian\'s gaze and ran to their grandfather\'s side to seek protection.

"HMPH!" Grandfather Gu snorted coldly, with disapproval on his face.

Gu Zhiqian ignored his words and anger. He looked straight at Gu Zhihuan. "Did you hear what I said? Apologize."

Gu Zhihuan\'s expression froze. "Gu Zhiqian, I\'m your elder sister. Is this how you talk to me?"


Gu Zhiqian looked at Gu Zhihuan with malice and warning in his eyes. It seemed that if she did not apologize, there would be severe consequences.

"Gu Zhiqian, that\'s enough! You\'re in the Gu family mansion. Don\'t forget your identity. Is this a place where you can behave atrociously?" Gu Zhilin could not stand it anymore, he especially couldn\'t stand Gu Zhiqian\'s arrogance. Now that he was the head of the family, he wouldn\'t tolerate such unseemly behavior in the family.

He didn\'t say anything, only coldly staring at Gu Zhihuan.

Gu Zhihuan finally couldn\'t stand Gu Zhiqian\'s gaze. Embarrassedly, she said to Guan Meiyi without any sincerity, "I\'m sorry..."

Guan Meiyi nodded slightly and did not say anything. She deserved this apology.

Gu Zhihuan\'s face was livid in anger, but Gu Zhiqian\'s expression just now was really scary.

With Gu Zhiqian\'s arrival, the atmosphere suddenly become grim. Senior Mr. Gu\'s face had not relaxed since the moment Gu Zhiqian entered.

As the head of the Gu family, Gu Zhilin\'s expression was very dark as Gu Zhiqian continued to ignore him.

Fang Hua gazed at Gu Zhiqian. From the moment he entered, her eyes had never left this man. Her gaze started to look infatuated.

Gu Zhiqian was young, handsome, domineering, and unruly. He looked down on everything around him, showing no regard for the members of the Gu family.

However, he behaved like this not for her, but for Guan Meiyi..