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Chapter 1573

"What\'s with that piece of land? When did you get it?" In the car, Guan Meiyi asked Gu Zhiqian.

In fact, Guan Meiyi knew that Gu Zhiqian was more than an actor . She had always known about it, but she had never asked him.

However, judging from Guan Jianlin\'s reaction today, Guan Meiyi knew that the land must be very valuable. Otherwise, Guan Jianlin, who had forced her to marry He Zhenxuan for money, would not have handed over the hukou so readily.

Guan Meiyi was actually ready to shed all pretense of cordiality with Guan Jianlin. Although he was her father, Guan Meiyi hated him and did not want to be used by him anymore.

Gu Zhiqian knew what Guan Meiyi was thinking. He put his arm around her and said nonchalantly, "It\'s just a piece of land that I have no use for. I bought it because I knew that Gu Zhilin also wanted it. I didn\'t want to let him have it, so I bought it." He pinched Guan Meiyi\'s nose lovingly. "So, don\'t feel guilty about it. Besides, in my heart, you are of the most importance. It\'s worth it to exchange a piece of land for your freedom."

Guan Meiyi looked at Gu Zhiqian in a daze. She felt as if she was sitting on a warm meadow, surrounded by soft and gentle wind. Waves of warmth rose in her body, and she could not pull herself out of it.

This was probably the feeling of being treasured.

Looking at Guan Meiyi\'s cute reaction, Gu Zhiqian wanted to eat her alive right now. He suppressed the primitive and wild impulse and kissed her red lips. "After we register for marriage, you can move your hukou to my place."

Gu Zhiqian had moved his hukou from his family\'s place when he bought his first real estate.

"Move to your place?" Guan Meiyi indeed wanted to move her hukou out. Since she had a real estate under her name now, she hadn\'t considered moving her hukou to Gu Zhiqian\'s place.

"What\'s wrong with my suggestion? You\'re my wife. Isn\'t it natural for your hukou to be with mine?" Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows slightly and gazed at her deeply, his eyes full of charm. "I can make you the head of the household."

Even though they got their marriage registration in a low-profile manner, reporters still caught it on pictures, publicizing the fact that they had got married.

Gu Zhiqian didn\'t intend to hide it anyway. After registering, he immediately posted their marriage certificate on Weibo.

After the two got married, they moved from the company\'s apartment into Gu Zhiqian\'s house. The house was not very far from the Ruan family\'s manor.

Ling Tianya heard about their marriage through the internet. No matter what, she was kind of a matchmaker between the two of them, but they hadn\'t told her her about their plan of marriage.

Ling Tianya was sulky about this for a long time, but seeing that Guan Meiyi had found her happiness by marrying Gu Zhiqian, she was happy from the bottom of her heart.

One week later, Guan Meiyi finished her work and returned home early than usual. Gu Zhiqian was not back yet, busy recording a show.

Mao Tuan saw Guan Meiyi coming home and wagged his tail excitedly, putting its paws on her legs.

Guan Meiyi bent down and picked it up. Then the housekeeper, Ms. Liu, came to tell her that someone from the Gu family was here.