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Chapter 1571 - The Change of Attitude

Gu Zhiqian made a phone call, and soon his driver came in and handed a doc.u.ment to him.

"I heard that you wanted this land since long time ago, Uncle Guan. I happen to have it, so I\'ll give it to you as a greeting gift."

Gu Zhiqian pushed the doc.u.ment in front of Guan Jianlin with his slender fingers. Guan Jianlin picked up the doc.u.ment suspiciously and opened it. He was stunned instantly.

"This... this..." this was indeed the land that he had wanted for a long time. He was presented at the government auction, but unfortunately, his power was limited. In the end, this land was bought by an anonymous person for 18 billion dollars.

Guan Jianlin had been curious about who this anonymous person was, but he couldn\'t find anything. Now all the doc.u.ments for this land were in Gu Zhiqian\'s hands. Could he be the person who bought the land?

The land price was rising every day. At that time, the land was worth 18 billion, but now it was more than that.

If Gu Zhiqian wanted to give this to him, it was equivalent to giving him a huge amount of wealth.

Moreover, Guan Jianlin remembered that when this land was being auctioned, the Gu family sent people to participate, but in the end, they didn\'t win.

In other words, Gu Zhiqian had won this land on his own, and the Gu family did not know about this matter.

The way Guan Jianlin looked at Gu Zhiqian changed instantly. He had always thought that Gu Zhiqian was just an unloved grandson of the Gu family, but at least he had some shares of the Gu Corporation. If he could use the fact that Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian were together to climb up to the Gu family, it would be a good thing. That was why he had contacted Grandfather Gu, but in the end, he was treated coldly by him. This made Guan Jianlin think that Gu Zhiqian was just an actor and nothing else.

But now it seemed that he was wrong. Gu Zhiqian hid very well, but he was not as simple as he looked on the surface.

"You giving this to me?" Guan Jianlin asked in disbelief.

"Yes, thank you for bringing up Meiyi."

Guan Jianlin felt a little uncomfortable after hearing his words. What did he mean by \'thank you \'? Did he mean that Guan Meiyi and the Guan family would have nothing to do in the future?

Guan Jianlin held the doc.u.ment tightly, with stormy waves raging in his heart. It seemed that the Guan family found a treasure this time!

"Oh my, what\'s wrong with you, Butler! The Miss and son-in-law have been back for such a long time, How could you not think of giving some water for them! I think you don\'t want to be a butler anymore, do you?" Guan Jianlin\'s attitude changed drastically suddenly, he scolded the butler angrily for not pouring water for Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi.

The Butler was aggrieved. It was Guan Jianlin who said not to take them seriously, so he didn\'t take it seriously. Now, he was lecturing him instead.

However, as he was working for him, so he had to take the blame.

Therefore, the butler apologized and nodded, "It\'s my fault. I\'ll go get some water for miss and my son-in-law. What would you like to drink?"

Gu Zhiqian looked coldly at Guan Jianlin\'s pretentious act and waved his hand, "No need. I want to get the marriage certificate from Meiyi in the morning. It\'ll be troublesome as there are too many people in the afternoon."

Guan Jianlin pushed the registration book immediately in front of Guan Meiyi and said with a smile, "Yes, yes. Both of you are public figures. It will be difficult to get things done if there are too many people. Go and register. Hurry up!"