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Chapter 1568 - Who Do You Think You Are

Fang Hua\'s words annoyed Gu Zhilin once again, "What do you mean by getting treated until they die? What are you talking about? !" Gu Zichen was getting treatment in that hospital since he was young. The hospital had all his medical records, and the doctors knew him well. It was also convenient for them to treat him. " Gu Zichen is my son. Don\'t tell me that just because I married you, I don\'t care whether he lives or dies?"

"Don\'t care about them! Don\'t give them money!" Fang Hua took a deep breath, "Since you gave them money secretly this time, then this month\'s alimony will be gone! If I find out that you gave them money to spend again, don\'t blame me for being rude!"

"Fang Hua! Gu Zichen is my son, a descendant of the Gu family. Why can\'t I give him my money to spend? You\'ve chased him out, why are you still so stingy with him?" Gu Zhilin was so angry that his face turned green.

"Why? Because he and his mom threw sh*t at me at my wedding! Let me tell you, I\'ve already given you enough face and didn\'t pursue their responsibility. Don\'t challenge my bottom line again!"

After saying that, Fang Hua slammed the door angrily and left the room.

Gu Zhilin looked at the mess in the room and sat down on the sofa angrily. How did things turn out like this? "How did things turn out like this..."

Gu Zhiqian\'s ex-wife had never dared to treat him this way before. When she was in the Gu family, she was virtuous, graceful, gentle, and magnanimous. No matter when and where she spoke to him, she would always ask him softly.

Except for the time when he wanted to get divorced and marry Fang Hua...

She was probably disappointed in him very much and was extremely angry...

Gu Zhilin recalled the time when he was with his ex-wife. Whenever he had time, he would take her and Gu Zichen out for a trip. At that time, Gu Zichen was very close to him as a father. Now, every time he saw him, he would glare at him angrily. The main point was that he couldn\'t even look at his son in public. Once Fang Hua found out, they would quarrel about this.

Fang Hua walked into the yard with anger and happened to see Zhao Huimin strolling in the yard.

Fang Hua brushed past her with anger, ignoring Zhao Huimin but she didn\'t even greet her. She didn\'t put Zhao Huimin in her eyes at all.

"Stop right there!" Zhao Huimin shouted at Fang Hua. "Don\'t you see me?"

Fang Hua was in a bad mood, but Zhao Huimin bumped into her at this time. Now, Zhao Huimin was one of the people that Fang Hua hated too. Zhao Huimin played a big role in making her miserable today. Everything was instigated by Zhao Huimin, but now she still dares to show up in front of her?

"My eyes are big enough. Of course, I saw you," Fang Hua said coldly, and her tone was not polite at all.

Zhao Huimin\'s expression was bad. Now that she was in the Gu family, Old Master Gu was not seeing her, and the three little b*stards did not stop either. They seized every opportunity to mock and ridicule her. This Fang Hua was even more outrageous. Every time she saw her, she would give her some bad expression on her face, and now even the Gu family\'s servants dared to ignore her.

"Why didn\'t you greet me when you saw me? I\'m elder than you!" Zhao Huimin shouted angrily.

"Elder?" Fang hua sneered, "What kind of elder are you?"

Zhao Huimin\'s face tightened, "I\'m your mother-in-law!"

"Mother-in-law? You dare to say that. My mother-in-law passed away since long time ago. You\'re just a little mom, and you still dare to call yourself an elder here?" Fang Hua stared at Zhao Huimin maliciously, "I\'m the head of mistress of the Gu family, who do you think you are!"