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Chapter 1567 - Get treated Until They Die

Fang Hua brought up the old matter again. It was obvious that she did not care about Gu Zhilin. Back then, Gu Zhilin had used improper means to get Fang Hua and used Fang Hua to obtain the position of the head of the Gu family. Thus, there will always be one thing in Fang Hua\'s place to say about Zhilin regarding this matter.

However, Gu Zhilin did not want to bring up this matter. This would make him feel very embarrassed. He never thought about it when he did it back then, but now he did not want Fang Hua to bring it up.

"Enough! Why do you keep bringing up those stupid things! You are now my wife. This is an indisputable fact. You\'d better behave yourself! "Although you are young since you are married, you have to look like you are married. When you go out, you represent the GU family. You are the mistress of the Gu family. You have to look like the mistress of the family! "Virtuous, gentle and graceful, do you understand!" Gu Zhilin yelled as he pulled at his neck, he clearly remembered that the Fang Hua of the past was a very noble and magnanimous woman. Why had she become so hysterical now?

Gu Zhilin had never looked for a reason for himself, and he never thought that the person who had caused Fang Hua to become like this was him. He was only thinking that Fang Hua had changed and become unlikable.

Fang Hua\'s face was cold as she listened to Gu Zhilin teaching. Before they got married, her father had advised her that Gu Zhilin was much older than her. After marrying him, he would dote on her and follow her wishes.

However, what was the reality? The reality was that Gu Zhilin was a b*stard! He only coveted the glory that she could bring to him. He only coveted her young body and good looks. He had never doted on her!

What was wrong with what she said? Man always spoke based on face and thought by their lower body!

"Hehe!" Fang hua sneered, "What does a virtuous and graceful woman look like? What should the mistress of the Gu family look like? Like your ex-wife?"

Gu Zhilin\'s face tensed up, "Things are fine now, why are you mentioning her!"

"Why? Just because you told me not to think about Gu Zhiqian, I can\'t talk about your ex-wife?" Fang Hua\'s gaze turned cold, it was filled with malice, "Your ex-wife is gentle and generous. She\'s virtuous and graceful. In the end, didn\'t she still fail to keep her marriage? Moreover, I don\'t see how she\'s virtuous and graceful. She did such a thing at my wedding, she\'s not a good person either!"

Gu Zhilin didn\'t want to continue. Such a conversation made him feel annoyed. "Alright! In short, pay attention to your words and actions. Don\'t let me know that you\'re thinking about another man. Otherwise, everyone will not look good!"

After saying that, Gu Zhilin wanted to get up, but Fang Hua suddenly stood up from the sofa and glared at him with a ferocious gaze. "What? You don\'t like hearing a few words about your ex-wife? Don\'t think that I don\'t know about those sneaky little things between both of you!"

Gu Zhilin was stunned and turned around in shock. "What did you say?"

"You know what I am saying in your heart! Before we got married, I clearly said that you weren\'t allowed to give them any money other than alimony, but you still gave them, didn\'t you? " Fang Hua yelled impudently, she didn\'t mind that her shout would be heard by others.

Gu Zhilin\'s face sank. "Gu Zichen is sick. What\'s wrong with me giving her some money to treat the child?"

"Huh? Why? No way!" Fang Hua\'s eyes turned cold, "I think they\'ve been living a good life for too long. They don\'t know how to live a normal life, do they? It\'s just a small illness. Do they have to go to a private hospital? Don\'t say that the alimony I gave them wasn\'t enough, that money was enough for them to be treated several times in a public hospital. It\'s more than enough for them to get treatment until they die!"