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Chapter 1566 - How Do You Dare to Ask Me

In the Gu family mansion, after Gu Zhilin returned from a business meeting, he saw that the small living room was already in a mess. All the cups on the coffee table had been swept to the ground. Even the floor lamp on the sofa was not spared.

The man frowned and glanced at Fang Hua who was sitting on the sofa trying to get some breath,"What are you doing!"

Fang Hua didn\'t say anything. She was just angry, so angry that her blood was boiling and that she wanted to kill someone!

Gu Zhilin rolled his eyes and realized something. His eyes darkened, "Is it because of Gu Zhiqian\'s proposal to Guan Meiyi?"

This matter had already spread all over the internet. The video of the proposal had also been all over the place. Even Gu Zhiqian himself had posted on Weibo to announce that his proposal had been successful.

Not only did she know about it, but the entire Gu family should also know about it by now. The Old Master was furious. As the child of the Gu family, Gu Zhiqian had actually failed to get the proposal through his family, which was simply too much.

Gu Zhilin was happy in his heart. Although he was now the head of the family, Gu Zhiqian was still a hidden danger. The less he was liked by the Old Master and the more outrageous his actions were, the more stable his position as the head of the family would be.

After all, he was only the head of the Gu family, the chairman of the company was still the Old Master, and Gu Zhilin was just the president of the company.

Ever since the incident with Wang Manpeng, the Old Master had learned from his mistakes that he did not give all the power to Gu Zhilin but only a part of it. In terms of the company\'s shares, the Old Master had the most in his hands, followed by him. Moreover, Gu Zhiqian still had some shares, so Gu Zhilin didn\'t dare to let his guard down.

Hearing the words of Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi coming out of Gu Zhilin\'s mouth, Fang Hua\'s face suddenly changed. She was so angry that she kicked the coffee table.

Why? Why did God treat her like this? News about Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi was everywhere these days. First, the two of them went on a vacation in disguise, and now the marriage proposal. Why could she always see these things? Why was Gu Zhiqian so cruel to her?

"What\'s so good about that Guan Meiyi?" She was just an actress who had nothing but a seductive face. Why did Gu Zhiqian like her? Was he blind? He never sees good woman in front of him. Are you men all sensory animals who only look at the face and think with your lower body!"

In front of Gu Zhilin, Fang Hua exposed her jealousy of Gu Zhiqian\'s proposal to Guan Meiyi and she even mocked Gu Zhilin.

Gu Zhilin sat on the sofa with an ugly expression, "What do you mean he never sees good woman in front of him? Who is that good woman? Are you talking about you?"

Faced with Gu Zhilin\'s cold question, Fang Hua almost blurted it out \'yes\' but she didn\'t before it slipped out her mouth.

Gu Zhilin\'s expression became even worse. He slammed his big hand on the coffee table, "I\'m telling you, Fang Hua, no matter how much you liked Gu Zhiqian before, now you\'re my wife and I\'m your legal husband! You\'d better put away your petty thoughts and don\'t let me see what happened today again! Otherwise..."

Hearing Gu Zhilin\'s threat, Fang Hua glared at him angrily, "Or else what? Otherwise what else do you want? Don\'t forget how you got the position of family head? Don\'t forget how you got me back then. You\'re a despicable and shameless man, how do you dare to ask me to do things!"