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Chapter 1563 - Stop Being the Queen

From the moment the video appeared, Guan Meiyi had been in a state of confusion. The video showed her at work, and it was obviously taken secretly in these past few days. But who took it, and when?

Why was Gu Zhiqian\'s voice there? What did Gu Zhiqian want?

"Yes, she\'s a woman. So besides her strong side, she also has another side that no one knows about."

Gu Zhiqian\'s voice continued in the video, but it suddenly changed into Guan Meiyi\'s private life.

She hugged Mao Tuan, talked to herself and played with her. She rolled on the bed and said she didn\'t want to get out of bed, wash her face, or wash her hair...

Guan Meiyi\'s face froze. How could there be such scenes?

However, these didn\'t make the audience feel bad. On the contrary, they felt that Guan Meiyi was very cute. She was no longer a high and mighty queen, but more like a young lady next door. She was cute and playful, lively and energetic.

Listening to the soft laughter of the audience, Guan Meiyi also pursed her lips and smiled.

The video continued. Guan Meiyi was wearing an apron and cooking in the kitchen. As she was cooking, she was talking to Gu Zhiqian, who was sitting in the living room. The conversation between the two of them was like that of a newly married couple.

Guan Meiyi was stunned. Wasn\'t this what happened in her apartment last week? That day, Gu Zhiqian said that he was going to cook for her. She was worried that this man would destroy her kitchen, so she went to the kitchen to cook.

From the angle of the video, it could be seen that this was taken by Gu Zhiqian.

Looking at the video, people realized that not only was Guan Meiyi beautiful and kind, but she also knew how to cook and was a typical good wife and mother!

At this moment, the scene changed again. This time, it was Gu Zhiqian himself. He stood there wearing a very formal suit with a very serious expression. But his eyes had some emotions and that he was looking at the camera without blinking, it was more like he was looking at Guan Meiyi who was standing alone on the stage through the camera.

"My Name is Gu Zhiqian. Before I fell in love with Guan Meiyi, I didn\'t have any hope for love anymore. She was the one who let me know, understand, and find out what it means to truly love someone. I love her. I love the one who works hard for her job. I love the one who is stubborn and unwilling to admit losses. I love the one who looks down on everything but have herself suffered. I love the one who only acts coquettishly to me and only cooks for me, the one that only have me in her eyes. So, Guan Meiyi, stop being the Queen anymore. Be my Queen and marry me."

The video stopped, and Guan Meiyi\'s breathing stopped at the same time. Only then did she realize that her face was covered in tears.

Suddenly, the lights on the stage lit up, but only the stage, or rather, only the spot where she was standing at, was lit up.

In the audience seats that were still under the dark lights, there wereLED lights in the hands of those audience members. Each of them had one with the words "Guan Meiyi, marry me" on it.

In the huge audience seats, the words "Guan Meiyi, marry me" were flashing everywhere

Guan Meiyi\'s mind was muddled. Her tears fell uncontrollably and she didn\'t even have time to wipe them away.

At this moment, the audience suddenly lit up with Gu Zhiqian stood in the front holding a large bouquet of roses in his hand.

The moment she saw Gu Zhiqian, Guan Meiyi completely gave up on her image and cried.

The audience shouted in unison, "Marry Gu Zhiqian Please!"