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Chapter 1560 - Maybe There was Nothing

When Guan Meiyi finished her work, it was already late at night. When she dragged her exhausted body back to the apartment, she had just stepped out of the elevator when she saw Gu Zhiqian, who had just returned, opening the door of his apartment.

Seeing Guan Meiyi and Bai Junjie coming out of the elevator together, Gu Zhiqian was suddenly startled and hid a box-shaped thing behind his back, as if he didn\'t want Guan Meiyi to see it.

Guan Meiyi only saw that there was something in Gu Zhiqian\'s hand, but she didn\'t see what it was. However, what was it that this man couldn\'t let her know and would actually hide behind her the moment he saw her. What did he mean by that?

Guan Meiyi stood at the elevator entrance and looked at Gu Zhiqian, waiting for him to say something to her. If Gu Zhiqian wasn\'t a fool, he would know that she was angry today, very angry.

However, when Guan Meiyi angrily hung up on him, the man didn\'t call back to coax her and hadn\'t contacted her until just now.

Now, Guan Meiyi was standing right here, giving Gu Zhiqian another chance to coax her. As long as the man coaxed her properly, she would forgive him and stop being angry.

However, Gu Zhiqian\'s reaction disappointed Guan Meiyi again. The man opened the door and threw the box in his hand in, as if he was afraid that Guan Meiyi would see it. Then he smiled at Guan Meiyi, "It\'s getting late. I\'m a little sleepy. I\'ll go to bed first. You should rest early too."

Guan Meiyi was disappointed again. She didn\'t speak to Gu Zhiqian but turned around and went back to her apartment with a cold face and full of anger.

The moment Guan Meiyi closed the door, Gu Zhiqian\'s body couldn\'t help but tremble. Staring at Guan Meiyi\'s apartment door, he tried hard to suppress the urge to rush in and hug her. He turned around and saw Mao Tuan circling around the box that he had thrown into the apartment and had the urge to take a bite.

Gu Zhiqian was shocked and immediately rushed in, "Mao Tuan\'er, get away from it. Don\'t touch that!"

Guan Meiyi returned to her apartment and stood behind the door for a long time. She was waiting for Gu Zhiqian to knock on the door and coax her.

However, she was disappointed again. She didn\'t hear Gu Zhiqian knocking on the door, but the sound of him closing the door.

This man...

Guan Meiyi took off her high heels in frustration. She didn\'t know what had gone wrong between her and Gu Zhiqian, and why everything had suddenly turned out this way.

She didn\'t want to let her imagination run wild, but she just couldn\'t help it.

Bai Junjie put down Guan Meiyi\'s things and turned to look at her standing there in a daze. Finally, she sighed, "Sister, actually, I wanted to tell you when I was in the car during the day, but I was afraid that it would affect your work in the afternoon, so I didn\'t tell you."

"What is it? Tell me," Guan Meiyi asked.

Bai Junjie looked at Guan Meiyi and reached out to pull Guan Meiyi to the sofa to sit down. "Sis, I\'ll tell you, but you have to promise me that you won\'t be too sad."

Looking at Bai Junjie\'s appearance, Guan Meiyi had a bad feeling in her heart. "Okay, tell me."

"I saw... I saw Best Actor Gu meet a woman alone, and the two of them were talking and laughing," Bai Junjie saw Guan Meiyi\'s reaction and quickly said, "However, that\'s all I saw. Then, they got into a car and left together. Maybe there was nothing between them."