Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1556 - Can't WatChapter the Fans Get Bullied

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Chapter 1556 - Can\'t WatChapter the Fans Get Bullied

The owner of the hostel held the two invitation cards in his hands with his eyes in red and his body trembling. All of this happened so out of the blue and so surreal.

However, at this moment, Guan Meiyi was actually standing there, holding Niu Niu\'s hand and smiled at her, telling her that she had come to meet her.

The man who had been holding back his tears finally couldn\'t help but cry at this moment. Perhaps it was because his wife who want to watch Guan Meiyi\'s premiere until her death, or because his daughter Niu Niu\'s persistence had finally come to an end. In short, he cried.

Now, even Guan Meiyi\'s manager, Ada, had come. There was a row of luxury cars parked outside, with so many bodyguards and assistants, who would doubt Guan Meiyi\'s identity anymore?

For a moment, the small town was in an uproar. People were calling Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian\'s names, hoping to take a photo with them and get their autographs.

However, no one paid any attention to the family of three. Even if they did, they would laugh at them.

Guan Meiyi held Niu Niu\'s hand and looked at the family of three, "A person has to have faith and wishes. What if it comes true? You said I was meddling in other people\'s business, but I\'ve been meddling in my own affairs. Niu Niu\'s mother and Niu Niu are both my fans. I don\'t have any other good qualities but the one thing that I hold on to was not having my fans bullied by others."

As soon as Guan Meiyi finished her words, the crowd burst into a climax. Many of Guan Meiyi\'s fans gathered here and shouted her name. In an instant, their voices even shook the sky.

The middle-aged couple couldn\'t stay any longer. They dragged their son and ran back to their room with their tails tucked.

Ada was also shocked and moved by this scene. Although she was Guan Meiyi\'s manager and had seen many such situation and today was indeed a small one, the touched she felt was unprecedented.

This was probably the true power of an idol. It was simply too positive and energetic.

Moreover, with Ada\'s professional sense of smell, this matter would definitely blow up the entire internet. Fortunately, she did not inform the reporters before she came, otherwise, she would be suspected of creating hype. Now, it would be even better for the fans themselves to create the hype.

"Alright, it\'s getting late. You still have work tomorrow. We should leave,"Ada reminded, "Also, my dear, your clothes are too ugly. Hurry up and change. I\'ve brought the stylist here."

The makeup on Guan Meiyi\'s face had not been washed off yet. She really needed to clean herself up. Thus, she listened to Ada\'s words and went back to her room to wash her face and change.

No one left. They still stayed at the hostel. At this moment, the ones who had laughed at this hostel and were in the same industry, all had their faces turn green.

What a joke. The place where the big stars Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian lived might become a tourist attraction in the future. Wouldn\'t this hostel make a fortune?

No, they had to think of a way to get close to Guan Meiyi. When she came out later, they had to take a few more photos with her.

When Guan Meiyi appeared in front of everyone again, she had changed into her original appearance with the delicate and elegant makeup and a beautiful white dress, which made her look like a queen.

Gu Zhiqian had also changed back to his usual outfit. The two of them walked out of the room one after the other and the situation escalated again. Everyone shouted the names of Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian and some of them were so excited that they almost fainted.