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Chapter 1554 - This Guan Meiyi is a Fake

Hearing the boy\'s mother\'s words, the excited people immediately calmed down.

Although the woman\'s words were harsh and that there were people not just from the town but tourists from other cities, it could not be denied that Guan Meiyi was a big shot that was out of their reach. All of their knowledge of her was on television and the internet. They had never thought that they would meet Guan Meiyi in the real world.

Therefore, when they heard the woman\'s words, they looked at Guan Meiyi who was in cheap sportswear, and the equally shabby bearded man beside her, which were indeed different from the Guan Meiyi on television.

However, it was only a difference in the clothes, but the face and temperament were surprisingly similar.

For a moment, the people were also confused.

"Even if it\'s fake, doesn\'t it look too similar?" Someone questioned.

The boy\'s mother sneered, "Plastic surgery."

When people were confused by the boy\'s mother\'s words, only Niu Niu still believed that the person in front of her was the real Guan Meiyi. She reached out and held Guan Meiyi\'s hand, "She is Guan Meiyi, the Guan Meiyi that my mother and I admire."

Guan Meiyi never thought that she would be doubted by others one day, and in the end, the seven-year-old girl was the only one who would believe her. Moreover, this girl seemed to recognize her from the first glance, at that time, she still looked like a ghost.

Guan Meiyi lovingly held Niu Niu\'s hand and she was very much touched. She turned around and looked at the woman, "Since you said that I\'m poor, then where did I get the money for plastic surgery?"

As soon as Guan Meiyi said that, the woman ate a humble pie herself and was at a loss for words.

Then, she pointed at Gu Zhiqian and said, "Everyone, don\'t listen to her lies. Look at that bearded man. If she really is Guan Meiyi, how could she be with such a man? Everyone knows that Guan Meiyi\'s boyfriend is Gu Zhiqian!"

Yes, the incident between Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian had been viral on the internet which had make everyone aware of it.

However, although this bearded man was as tall as Gu Zhiqian, his shabby clothes and the terrorist-alike beard could not be associated with Gu Zhiqian.

Seeing the reactions of the people, the middle-aged couple sneered arrogantly, "How is it? You\'ve been exposed, right? You still want to pretend to be Guan Meiyi and lie to us? Do you really think everyone is a fool? Quick, call the police and arrest them! This woman is pretending to be a celebrity and lying to people! Arrest her!"

Niu Niu became anxious when she heard this. She tightly grabbed Guan Meiyi\'s hand, "She\'s not a liar, she\'s real! Real!"

"Humph, who would believe the words of a silly girl!" The boy glared at Niu Niu.

Gu Zhiqian looked at these people coldly. He and Guan Meiyi didn\'t want to expose their identities here, and they didn\'t want to get involved in too many things. However, Guan Meiyi took the initiative to admit her identity for the sake of this child, but she was criticized like this, which made Gu Zhiqian very upset.

The man\'s gaze deepened, and he said coldly to the air, "All of you, come in!"

Everyone was puzzled as who was this bearded man talking to and what was he doing?

However, in the next second, several burly men in uniform rushed out from different corners.