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Chapter 1553 - Be Deceived


The small courtyard of the hostel was unusually quiet. No one had expected that the ugly woman would look like Guan Meiyi after removing her makeup.

Everyone present had the same dumbfounded expression. They looked at Guan Meiyi and could not believe their eyes.

Oh my God, is this true?

That woman was actually the Super Star, Guan Meiyi?

Only Niu Niu\'s eyes were glowing, "It\'s really Guan Meiyi! Dad, Look! It\'s the real Guan Meiyi! It\'s her! It\'s her!"

The owner of the hostel blinked his eyes hard, obviously not believing what he saw. He never thought that one day the big star Guan Meiyi would not only come to this small town, but also stay in his hostel.

"Is this true? This... is too amazing..." The owner of the hostel became a little ramble in his words.

Guan Meiyi reached out and rubbed Niu Niu\'s face, "It\'s true, I\'m here, Niu Niu."

"It\'s true... It\'s true..." Niu Niu suddenly cried out. This kind of happy cry was completely different from the aggrieved one before. Niu Niu cried and laughed at the same time.

Along with Niu Niu\'s crying, the onlookers also cleared up their heads and the situation turned chaotic.

The onlookers were screaming in shock. They wanted to break through the courtyard door and have a closer contact with Guan Meiyi. After all, they had lived for so long and had never seen a real star, moreover, it was a big star like Guan Meiyi who was out of their reach.

"Guan Meiyi! Guan Meiyi!" The crowd shouted Guan Meiyi\'s name excitedly as they rushed in.

The excited crowd pushed down the family sitting at the door. At this moment, the family of three had a look of eating sh*t on their faces as they stood there in a daze.

The boy pulled his mother\'s hand and pointed at Guan Meiyi, "Mom, that\'s the real Guan Meiyi. Let\'s take a photo with her!"

The boy was about to run in Guan Meiyi\'s direction when he was grabbed by the middle-aged woman who shouted at the top of her voice, "What Guan Meiyi! Don\'t be fooled!"

The woman\'s voice once again attracted the attention of the people present. The woman patted the dust off her body and said arrogantly, "That\'s why I said that people from these poor and remote area were ignorant. Even if you haven\'t seen Guan Meiyi in person, you must have seen her on TV. She\'s a big star with a net worth of hundreds of millions. Why would she come to such a small place?" The woman pointed at Guan Meiyi and said with disdain, "Also, look at her outfit. She\'s very poor and doesn\'t look like she has such a high net worth at all. Even if Guan Meiyi really wants to come here, there should be bodyguards, assistants and manager with her. But look at this woman, she\'s accompanied by a terrifying man with a bushy beard. The two of them even stayed in the same room at night. Everyone now knows that Guan Meiyi\'s boyfriend is Gu Zhiqian. How could she be with such a terrifying and poor man!"

As she said this, the middle-aged woman sneered with ridicule, "So, all of you, keep your eyes open. Don\'t be deceived! She\'s not Guan Meiyi at all. She\'s just a woman who looks very much like her and was really shameless. She thought she looked like a big star, so she was showing off and deceiving ignorant people. Let me tell you, our family came from a big place where we have seen many people like you, so we won\'t be deceived!"