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Chapter 1552 - 1552:Make up the 11th Chapter

Guan Meiyi\'s voice was particularly prominent, causing a stop to the earsplitting laughter.

The boy\'s mother looked at Guan Meiyi with disdain in her eyes, "Hahaha, what a joke. It\'s one thing to be a silly little girl, but now another silly big one"

Hearing his mother\'s words, the boy pointed at Guan Meiyi and mocked, "Hahaha, a silly big one! A silly little girl and a silly big one!"

As the mother and daughter spoke, the laughter that was quite for a short while sounded again.

Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows and looked at those heartless people. He seemed to know what Guan Meiyi was going to do, so he looked at Guan Meiyi with gentleness.The bushy beard almost covered half of his face, but it could not hide the doting look he had when he looked at Guan Meiyi, "Have you made up your mind?"

The man softly asked. Guan Meiyi nodded and then looked at Niu Niu tenderly, "Niu Niu, do you want to meet Guan Meiyi?"

Niu Niu heavily nodded, "Yes!"

Guan Meiyi reached out and pinched Niu Niu\'s scarred little face, "Okay, wait a minute. I\'ll get Guan Meiyi to meet you."

"Humph! If you can\'t do it, don\'t say it so easily. Be careful not to eat a humble pie!" The boy\'s mother said.

Guan Meiyi turned back to look at the woman and smiled proudly, "Then you just wait and see."

"Okay, I\'ll wait and see. I\'ll see how you justify yourself!" The boy\'s mother said as she moved a chair over and sat down with her teenage son in her arms. She looked at Guan Meiyi calmly with a sneer as if she was just waiting for Guan Meiyi to make a fool of herself.

The boy\'s father also brought a chair over and sat down, and he sarcastically said, "Young people nowadays are used to bragging. Why don\'t you take a look at yourself? Stop acting like a wolf!"

The onlookers also stared at Guan Meiyi. None of them believed her words, thinking that she was just bragging to fool the children.

The owner of the guesthouse looked at Guan Meiyi gratefully, "Thank you for speaking up for me and Niu Niu, but I don\'t want to implicate you in this matter. Aren\'t you going to leave?"

Obviously, the owner didn\'t believe Guan Meiyi, but he knew that this girl was helping him and Niu Niu, so he wanted Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian to leave so that they wouldn\'t continue to be ridiculed by this weird family.

Guan Meiyi smiled at the owner, then pinched Niu Niu\'s face again, "Niu Niu, do you believe me?"

Niu Niu nodded heavily, "I do!"

"Okay." Guan Meiyi took out her phone and called Ada. Then she turned around, squatted down, opened her suitcase, and took out makeup remover and cotton pad.

Guan Meiyi first tore off the exaggerated false eyelashes on her eyes. Then she soaked the cotton pad with makeup remover and put it directly on her eyes. She began to remove her makeup in front of everyone.

But as Guan Meiyi\'s eye makeup was removed one of each, the people who had been the rubbercecks started to hold back. Then, they gradually became shocked.

And the family of three sat there with their faces gradually became solemn.

Why... did that ugly woman look more alike to Guan Meiyi..

After removing her eye makeup, Guan Meiyi began to do it for other parts.

When she gradually wiped off the thick layer foundation covering her face and the scary mole at the corner of her mouth, her original appearance became clearer.

Guan Meiyi turned to look at Niu Niu, "Niu Niu, I\'m here to look for you."

After saying that, Guan Meiyi took off the wig on her head, and her long, shiny black hair cascaded down like a waterfall.