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Chapter 1551 - Supplement 10

The boy\'s mother was still speaking in an aggressive tone, "We\'ll be your God if we spend money to stay here. You have to fulfill our request. Now it\'s just a matter of a photo. Your family treats us like this. They don\'t even have the slightest sense of service and they still open a boarding house!" She then pointed at Niu Niu and Gu Zhiqian saying, "And these two people, it\'s obvious that they\'ve never seen the world before and come from the backwater. They even accept such people in this boarding house. I wonder if those bedsheets and covers are really as clean as he said!"

The woman refused to let go of the owner of the hostel, which attracted more passersby gathering around to watch the show. The other hostel operators were all gloating as there were too many hostels in this ancient town which could not be resisted by visitors.

The owner of the hostel could no longer tolerate, "I originally wanted to make peace, but I really can\'t put up with your family anymore! Please leave now, and I\'ll return all your accommodation fees and deposit!"

The family did not expect the owner to chase them away as their initial motive for creating the scene was for the owner to waive their room fees in order to calm things down.

"Good! Everyone have a look! This is the first time we\'d met someone who drives customers away to resolve the issue!" The middle-aged woman became more agitated as she spoke, "Because of a broken photo, your daughter wounded my son. If this matter isn\'t resolved, our family will not leave!"

"It\'s not a broken photo! That\'s Guan Meiyi\'s photo! I want to bring the photo to find Guan Meiyi as I\'m looking for her!" Finding Guan Meiyi had become an obsession for young Niu Niu. She wanted to fulfill the promise her mother had made to her.

When the boy\'s parents heard this, they immediately burst into laughter. The boy\'s mother even mocked her without any restraint, "You\'re still looking for Guan Meiyi? You\'ll never find her in your entire life! She is a high and mighty movie star. How could a country girl like you meet her? Tell your daughter to stop dreaming and wake up! Do you think you can find Guan Meiyi in this broken town by just holding a photo whole day?"

The spectators outside were also laughing at the mockery words of the boy\'s parents. Those who were laughing were mainly the indigenous as well as the people who rejoiced over Niu Niu\'s misfortune.

Both her father and her were known by many people in this town as Niu Niu often held the photo of Guan Meiyi and told everyone that she was going to find her.

Most of the people in town assumed that Niu Niu was too naive. They all agreed upon the middle-aged woman\'s statement that as they were all commoner, how is it possible for them to have a chance to meet Guan Meiyi?

It was already good enough to see her on TV.

At this point of time, the boy had stopped crying and started to make fun of Niu Niu with his parents, "She\'s really a silly girl, a big silly girl!"

Niu Niu\'s gaze was full of confusion and terror upon hearing the laughter of those surrounding and also the boy\'s mockery of her being a big silly girl. She grabbed tightly onto her father\'s clothes and looked at everyone with loss.

The owner of the hostel was extremely angry, "Everyone leave now! All of you get lost immediately!"

"Who said that Niu Niu was a fool? Who said that she can\'t find Guan Meiyi!"

Guan Meiyi\'s voice was particularly clear and prominent among those ear-piercing and maniacal laughter.