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Chapter 1550 - A Kid without Mom

"Madam, I would like to ask how old your son is this year?"

Hearing Guan Meiyi\'s question, the boy\'s mother was stunned. Her expression became a little unnatural, and then she straightened her neck and said, "How old is he? What\'s wrong with that? No matter how old he is, he is raised like a treasure in our family. His father and I can\'t even bear to touch him, why should we come here and be bullied by this country girl? Look at these teeth marks, look at them!" The woman looked at the small teeth marks on the boy\'s arm with a heartache.

To be honest, if she didn\'t look carefully, Guan Meiyi wouldn\'t be able to see them clearly.

"Is your child a precious treasure, but other people\'s children are nothing? Niu Niu was also a treasure in her father\'s eyes. Since it was a matter between children, parents should take it rationally. Could it be fair for you to humiliate a girl just like this?"

"What does it have to do with you? Mind your own business!" The boy\'s father glared at Guan Meiyi and took a step forward with anger.

Gu Zhiqian put down the luggage in his hand and also took a step forward, with his cold eyes were filled with warning.

The middle-aged man met Gu Zhiqian\'s eyes and stood still. He didn\'t dare to take another step forward, but his face was still full of anger.

"It\'s none of my business, but I can\'t stand it, so I want to take care of it." Guan Meiyi walked up to Niu Niu and her father, "I think your son is at least twelve or thirteen years old, while Niu Niu is only six years old. First of all, she is no match for your son in terms of height and physical strength. Then look at her body, which is full of mud, while your son\'s body is very clean. Doesn\'t that mean something? However, you only saw your son crying and a tooth mark on your son\'s arm, what about Niu Niu who\'s crying as well?" Guan Meiyi squatted down and looked at Niu Niu, "Niu Niu, tell everyone what happened just now. Why did you bite little brother?"

Niu Niu wiped her tears and sobbed, "He snatched my photo and refused to give it back to me. He said that there was a female classmate in his class who also liked Guan Meiyi. He wanted to give my autographed photo to his female classmate as a birthday present. However, that was my photo. My mother gave it to me... I begged him to give it back to me, but I was too anxious and wanted to take the photo back, so I bit him. He was angry and pushed me into the mud pit. He even threw the photo into it," The more Niu Niu spoke, the more aggrieved she became, then she cried until she was out of breath, "What should I do... It was a photo that my mother left me... the sister\'s photo is gone. I can\'t remember what Guan Meiyi looks like. I can\'t find her anymore..."

Niu Niu\'s cries were heartbreaking. Her father held her up, and tears welled up in his eyes as well. He was missing his dead wife, while Niu Niu was missing her mother. This signed photo of Guan Meiyi was not only a photo, but also the last promise that Niu Niu\'s mother made to Niu Niu before she died. However, this promise was unable to be fulfilled before her mother passed away.

Guan Meiyi could not hold back her tears at this moment. She wiped her eyes, and along with her tears, there was still some eye makeup on her hands.

Niu Niu\'s words were clearly heard by everyone present. In fact, anyone with a little conscience knew that the son of the middle-aged woman was the one to be blamed.

The middle-aged couple\'s expression also became embarrassed. The woman rolled her eyes and said in a strange tone, "Isn\'t it just a lousy photo? Do you have to go this far! My son wants it from you, so why don\'t you just give it to him? If it really doesn\'t work, we\'ll just spend money to buy it. We have lots of money anyways. Why did you have to bite him? In short, it\'s not right to bite people!"