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Chapter 1548 - Cherish the People in front of You

"I\'m sorry, owner. We seem to have caused you some trouble." Guan Meiyi said in apology, perhaps her style was too much.

The owner shook his head, "I still have to thank you for protecting my daughter just now. After opening a guesthouse for so long, I\'ve seen all kinds of people so I\'ve got used to it."

The little girl looked very alike to her father, and her face was full of natural kindness, "Is she a fan of Guan Meiyi?"

The owner\'s eyes fell on the photo in his daughter\'s hand, and he nodded with a slightly dejected expression, "To be precise, it\'s her mother." Her mother liked Guan Meiyi very much and she spent so much efforts getting this photo, so she had always treated it as a treasure. In the past, the mother and daughter often cuddled together to watch Guan Meiyi\'s movies and variety shows. Whenever a new movie is released, our family will go to the cinema in the city to watch it. In fact, this child doesn\'t understand a.d.u.l.ts\'movies either, but she was influenced by her mother and treated Guan Meiyi as her idol."

Listening to the owner\'s words, especially looking at his sad eyes, Guan Meiyi seemed to know something.

The owner looked at the sky as if he was trying to suppress the tears that were about to burst out of his eyes, "Her mother left half a year ago. She was sick and couldn\'t be cured. Before she left, she promised Niu Niu that she would take her to the premiere of Guan Meiyi\'s new movie and that she would take a photo with Guan Meiyi in her arms. In the end, she didn\'t manage to get it either. This child misses her mother, so she holds this photo every day and says that she wants to find Guan Meiyi. But we are just ordinary people, where can we find her?"

A seven-foot-tall man held his daughter in his arms. His eyes were red as he tried to look at the sky. In the end, he smiled, "So, when I saw you two young lovers traveling, I would help and take care of you as long as I could. You still have a chance, so you must cherish the person in front of you." The owner looked at his daughter, "Whopps, my Niu Niu, look at your little face, it\'s covered in tears. Daddy will take you to wash your face."

With that, the owner of the guesthouse carried his daughter back to their own room.

Guan Meiyi stood there and looked at the back of the man. Niu Niu was still holding the photo tightly in her hands with her eyes were fixed on Guan Meiyi who was standing in the middle of the courtyard until her father carried her into the room and closed the door.

Gu Zhiqian hugged Guan Meiyi, "Are you okay?"

"I\'m fine."

"Why are your eyes red if you\'re fine?"

"Who said my eyes are red? I just have sand in my eyes."

The man hugged Guan Meiyi tightly and kissed her face, which was covered with a thick layer of foundation, "If you\'re touched, say so. I won\'t laugh at you."

After sending the message, Guan Meiyi looked up at Gu Zhiqian, "Did you hear what the owner said? Cherish the person in front of you. Maybe one day I\'ll have an accident or fall seriously ill and go first, then you\'ll be regretful."

Gu Zhiqian suddenly tightened his arms around the woman so as his eyes,"Don\'t say such things."

In the blink of an eye, Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian had already stayed in the ancient town for two days. After that quarrel, they tried to avoid meeting that family of weirdos.

This was the third day they stayed in the ancient town, and also the last day of one month vacation for Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian. The two of them planned to drive away after breakfast.

After the two of them packed their luggage, they had just walked into the courtyard when they saw the daughter of the owner, Niu Niu, walking back crying with her body covered in dirt. The photo of Guan Meiyi was still in her hand, but it seemed to have been soaked in water and was blurred.