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Chapter 1546 - I Only Respect Human

The woman was arrogant and rude, and she glanced at Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian, who had a full beard, with a snobbish attitude, and said to her husband and son chuckled, "Look at the two of them. I don\'t know where they came from. They don\'t have the money, but they are still learning from others traveling and staying in guesthouse."

The woman\'s words made Guan Meiyi frown. Although her current appearance was ugly, at least she appeared here as a human. And a human should have dignity regardless of whether she had money or not, this woman had no right to trample on her dignity like this.

"We don\'t know you. We are all here to have fun. We are not looking for trouble. Why do you have to hurt us like this?" Guan Meiyi adjusted her vocal cords and spoke in a fake voice.

Hearing Guan Meiyi\'s retort, the woman glared at her, "Oh, you\'re unhappy?A family like ours lives in the same place as you. We\'re not unhappy yet, but you are first. How ridiculous."

"Hehe." Guan Meiyi rolled her eyes and she couldn\'t be bothered with such people.

"You, what do you mean by rolling your eyes? Who are you rolling your eyes at?" The middle-aged woman stood in akimbo, "You already don\'t know how to respect others at such a young age!"

"Respect is mutual. I only respect human." Guan Meiyi rolled her eyes again as she spoke. In order to change the color of her pupils, she especially wore an exaggerated green contact lense, the smoky makeup plus the green contact lenses, and the eyelashes that couldn\'t be more fake, were all so \'beautiful\' with the roll of her eyes.

"Ugh, you little girl..." the woman was not going to let her go, but Guan Meiyi could not be bothered with her. She held Gu Zhiqian\'s arm and was ready to leave.

However, the owner\'s daughter stopped her again, "Sister, are you Guan Meiyi or not?"

Guan Meiyi was shocked. This child had a sharp eye that she could see through her with just one look?

At this moment, the son of the couple walked up. He had probably been influenced by his mom since he was young, so he did not have any manners when he spoke, "Are you blind? Look at her ugly appearance. How does she look like Guan Meiyi? Daddy, look at the place you chose. Why are they all weirdos!"

The boy saw the photo in the little girl\'s hand and reached out to snatch it, "What are you holding? Let me see."

The photo was snatched away by the boy. The little girl was anxious and wanted to take it back with a nervous expression, "Give me back the photo. It\'s mine. Give it to me quickly!"

"No, no!" The boy used his height advantage and raised his hand, "I thought it was someone else\'s photo, it turned out to be Guan Meiyi\'s."

Even after seeing the content of the photo, the boy still did not intend to give the photo back to the little girl. He just laughed and watched the little girl walk around him, anxiously wanting to take the photo back.

"Please, give me the photo! Give it to me quickly!" The little girl could not get the photo. Her eyes quickly turned red and even her voice was choked with sobs.

The boy, however, became more excited, "You\'re so narrow-minded. What\'s wrong with me having a look at it. I spent money to live in your house, so I\'m your master. Can\'t I even see a photo? I won\'t give it to you. If you have the ability, you can cry. You Can Cry!"

The little girl really cried. She was not bawling but silently shed tears, trying to reach out to get hold of the photo of Guan Meiyi.

The boy\'s parents were there smiling as they watched their son bully a little girl who wasn\'t that old, with their faces were full of pride and glory.

"Look at our son, how tall he is."

"Yeah, who knows how many little girls will fall for him in the future."

"Isn\'t there one who is circling around him right now!"