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Chapter 1544 - Successful Disguise

Guan Meiyi put her hand against Gu Zhiqian\'s face, "I\'m being serious with you. I kind of want to go back to work, now I don\'t know what to do everyday."

Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows, "Isn\'t it good to be with me every day?"

This period of time was like heaven for Gu Zhiqian that he could spend every day with Guan Meiyi. This was the first time in his life that Gu Zhiqian had such a possessive d.e.s.i.r.e for a woman, which made him want to be with this woman all the time.

"Okay, but we can\'t stay in the apartment forever. I\'m going to go moldy if we stay here any longer." Guan Meiyi glanced at the magazine and happened to read an article about the meaning of travel. Guan Meiyi\'s eyes lit up as she looked at Gu Zhiqian, "Why don\'t we go on a trip?"

"A trip?" Gu Zhiqian adjusted his posture, "Okay, which country do you want to go to? Europe is the best. There are fewer people who know us there, so we have more freedom to move around."

Guan Meiyi raised her eyebrows. "No, we\'re just traveling domestically, for a short trip nearby."

"What did you say?" Gu Zhiqian looked at Guan Meiyi with amus.e.m.e.nt. Such a thing was too difficult for people like him and Guan Meiyi. Just with their faces, they would become the focus of attention wherever they went.

Guan Meiyi giggled, "Actually, there\'s something I\'ve wanted to do for a long time. I think we can try it out."

"What is it?"

"It\'s a secret. I\'ll tell you tomorrow!" Guan Meiyi\'s mood suddenly soared. Taking advantage of Gu Zhiqian\'s lack of attention, she crawled out from under him and ran to the door, "I\'m going home. You should rest early."

"Guan Meiyi, aren\'t you going to stay tonight?" Gu Zhiqian sat up and looked at Guan Meiyi with a displeased expression, as if the meat in his mouth had flown away.

"I haven\'t married to you, why should I stay? See you tomorrow!" With that, Guan Meiyi opened the door and left.

Gu Zhiqian lay on the bed in extreme disp.l.e.a.s.u.r.e and muttered, "Then marry me."

The next day, Guan Meiyi appeared at the door of Gu Zhiqian\'s apartment early in the morning. However, what surprised Gu Zhiqian was that Guan Meiyi\'s outfit was very different from before.

She wore black framed eyes and a c.h.e.s.tnut-brown shoulder-length wig on her head, which covered her long, shiny black hair and her face was covered with a scary layer of smoky makeup. The funniest thing was that she even drew a big mole on the corner of her mouth.

She was wearing an extremely loose sportswear with a cloth bag on her shoulder, which all made her style as exaggerated as it could be.

Gu Zhiqian looked at Guan Meiyi in surprise, "What are you doing?"

"You recognized me?" Guan Meiyi was surprised, "How can you recognize me when I\'m already like this?"

Gu Zhiqian said,"... I can recognize you even if you\'re a ghost. Besides, who else could it be other than you that appeared here at this time?"

Guan Meiyi chuckled, "That\'s true."

Guan Meiyi walked into Gu Zhiqian\'s apartment. When Mao Tuan saw a woman like this suddenly walk in, she didn\'t realize that she was Guan Meiyi and barked at her.

"Stinky Mao Tuan, it\'s me!" Guan Meiyi shouted at Mao Tuan.

Hearing Guan Meiyi\'s voice, Mao Tuan went up to smell her, and started gambol around after confirming that it was Guan Meiyi\'s scent.

"Mao Tuan actually didn\'t recognize me at first sight, which proves that my disguise was successful!" Guan Meiyi excitedly picked up Mao Tuan. Although this little guy knew that this person was Guan Meiyi, she was still a little scared seeing her like this.