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Chapter 1543 - Asking for Monthly Passes Please

Mrs. Fang\'s words rendered Gu Zhilin speechless once again. He stood there with a pale face with an extremely unpleasant expression.

Fang Zhenglong sighed and said to Fang Hua, "Hua\'er, since you\'re already married, follow him back. We\'re already in-laws after all. Let\'s talk about these matters in the future."

Fang Zhenglong didn\'t want to waste any more time. If more troubles were created, it would make more people see them as jokes.

Fang Hua didn\'t say anything. She stood up and walked out of the door. No one knew what she was thinking at that moment. She just walked out.

It wasn\'t until she got into the car with Gu Zhilin and closed the car door that her eyes turned red.

Looking at the man beside her who was only a few years younger than her father, was she going to follow this man from now on?

However, why was Gu Zhiqian still in her mind? And the more she thought about it, the clearer Gu Zhiqian\'s appearance became. Even though he was looking at her coldly, she felt that even facing Gu Zhiqian\'s cold eyes was better than facing this old man.

After a few days of viral discussion about what happened at Fang Hua and Gu Zhilin\'s wedding, the situation gradually calmed down. After Gu Zhilin married Fang Hua, he successfully took the position as the head of the family.

Zhao Huimin couldn\'t stand it anymore. She looked for Gu Zhiqian many times, hoping that he could think of a way to take back the position of the family head. She really couldn\'t stand the way Gu Zhilin was acting like a villian.

However, Gu Zhiqian\'s reply to her was always that he hoped that she could move out of the mansion and completely leave the Gu family with him. However, this wasn\'t what Zhao Huimin wanted. In her opinion, she was the wife of the Gu family. Even if she died, she would die in the Gu family.

Because of Guan Meiyi\'s injury, Gu Zhiqian asked for a month\'s leave for Guan Meiyi. At first, Guan Meiyi enjoyed this rare vacation without work. But after a period of time, she felt very bored. She had been enriching herself with work for so many years. Without work, her life seemed to have lost its focus, and she didn\'t know what to do.

Thus, there was a scene Guan Meiyi reading a magazine, hugging her dog, looking at the sky and howled, "So boring!"

Gu Zhiqian had just come out of the bathroom when he heard the woman shouting that she was bored. He threw the towel that was used to dry his hair and pressed himself against the woman\'s body to hug her, "You\'re bored, aren\'t you? How about we do something that isn\'t boring?"

The man still had the smell of high-class shower gel. When his wet hair touched Guan Meiyi\'s face and neck, she couldn\'t help but shrink her neck. The man\'s tone was obviously horny. Guan Meiyi rolled over and escaped from the man\'s body, shouted, "No!"

At this moment, she saw that Gu Zhiqian had come out in only a pair of shorts. The sculpted and s.e.xy muscles on his body were exposed in front of her.

This man\'s figure was really amazing. It was not easy to refine such a figure. Coupled with his devilish looks, no wonder so many young girls could not live their life well because of Best Actor Gu.

Noticing that Guan Meiyi was staring at him in a daze, Gu Zhiqian smiled evilly and pressed Guan Meiyi into his arms again, making her unable to move.

"Aren\'t you bored? We can exercise a little, then we won\'t be bored anymore."

As he said this, the man\'s handsome face tilted to the side, and he was about to kiss Guan Meiyi\'s little mouth, but Guan Meiyi smiled and avoided him, "I\'m really bored, but the exercise will only last for a short while, won\'t I still be bored after that?"

The man suddenly smiled wickedly, "If you don\'t feel tired, I can keep moving."

Guan Meiyi,"..."