Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1542 - Asking for Monthly Passes at the Beginning of the Month

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Chapter 1542 - Asking for Monthly Passes at the Beginning of the Month

In the bride\'s dressing room, even though all the windows were open, the stench still could not be dispelled.

Fang Hua sat there lifelessly. At this moment, she had already washed her body and changed into clean clothes.

But it was ruined. Everything was ruined. Her wedding was ruined. She had originally wanted to be the woman everyone envied, but now she had become everyone\'s joke.

She still remembered seeing Gu Zhiqian\'s cold eyes from afar when she was lying on the stage in a sorry state, pressed down by the flower arch, and with feces splashed over by Gu Zhilin\'s son.

She remembered clearly that there was not only coldness in those eyes, but also a warning.

He knew... he knew that she was the one who destroyed the chandelier, and he knew that Guan Meiyi\'s injury was caused by her. So, today, when she was getting married, when she was at her most beautiful, he taught her this lesson.

Gu Zhiqian, you\'re really ruthless!

At this time, Gu Zhilin, who had also changed his clothes, walked in in an embrassing state. Now, he didn\'t have any joy from being the groom. Instead, his face was gloomy.

"I\'ve already chased the mother and son away." Gu Zhilin said as he entered the door.

When Mrs. Fang heard this, her face turned cold, "Just chased away? Look at what happened today! Our Fang family, our daughter, Fang Hua, was thrown sh*t by your ex-wife and your son! Also, what did your ex-wife say in public? From now on, how will my Hua\'er face anyone!"

Faced with Mrs. Fang\'s questioning, who was already his mother-in-law, Gu Zhilin was at a loss for words. He did not know what to say. However, he felt wronged in his heart. In fact, what his ex-wife said was not wrong. Fang Hua was indeed stingy that she not only force him to get a divorce immediately, but also asked him to chase Gu Zichen away. Moreover, other than the alimony, she also had him not give any money to them and she also determined the alimony amount.

His ex-wife would definitely not be satisfied with him being so harsh to them! During this period of time, he had been dealing with his ex-wife\'s cries and did not tell Fang Hua about these things. Your Fang family, on the other hand, did not give out money nor give out people, and did not care about anything, but only waited for this grand wedding.

He, Gu Zhilin, had taken on all the responsibility, and now he was still being blamed. Moreover, he had also been splashed with a lot of feces today.

Old Master Gu was obviously very angry. A nice wedding had been ruined like this, and he had long left everything behind and returned to the Gu family mansion.

The reason why Gu Zhilin had appeared here was to pick up Fang Hua and return to the Gu family mansion together. Although the wedding ceremony had been ruined, they had already received their marriage certificate and were now legally married. Otherwise, Fang Hua would still have followed Gu Zhilin back to the Gu family mansion after today, and her luggage had already been sent to the Gu family mansion.

Gu Zhilin looked at Fang Hua who was sitting there without saying a word, and said, "The car is ready outside. Let\'s go home."

Hearing Gu Zhilin\'s words, Fang Hua\'s body suddenly trembled.

Mrs. Fang saw it and felt her heart in pain, "After what happened today, you still want Hua\'er to go home with you?"

Gu Zhilin was also angry. Now that Mrs. Fang treated him so harshly, Gu Zhilin\'s face also fell, "Fang Hua and I have already received our marriage certificate. No matter what happened today, she is already my wife. What\'s wrong with going home with me?" Gu Zhilin paused and continued, "Besides, I didn\'t want what happened today to happen either, but everything is as it was. If Fang Hua hadn\'t been so harsh on the mother and son, nothing would have happened today."

Mrs. Fang immediately stood up angrily when she heard this, "What you\'re saying now is that this is all Hua\'er\'s fault! Don\'t you think about what dirty tricks you used to get Hua\'er back then!"