Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1541 - This was Called Asking for Monthly Pass

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Chapter 1541 - This was Called Asking for Monthly Pass

The originally luxurious wedding was now filled with the smell of sh*t, and Fang Hua was the one who smelled the most feces. Fang Hua couldn\'t stand her wedding dress that was full of feces, so she couldn\'t care about anything else but directly took off her wedding dress in panic.

Under the wedding dress, she wore a strapless bra, u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r, and a pair of flesh-colored pantyhose. The beautiful bride from before was now in a sorry state. Fang Hua covered her c.h.e.s.t with both hands, wanting to run off the stage and return to the dressing room.

But before she could walk off the stage, the flower arch on the stage fell like a domino, directly pressing down on Fang Hua. The flower arch was not heavy enough to hurt her, but it was heavy enough to have her unable to stand up for a while.

Fang Hua screamed and wanted to stand up, but the flower arch door was all over her body, and a series of flower arches were falling down one after another. If someone wanted to pull Fang Hua out, they had to lift the flower arch one by one.

The people who came to help were moving the flower arch door, and the situation was all in a mess. No one noticed that Gu Zhilin\'s son, Gu Zichen, had already walked toward Fang Hua and directly put a bag of feces on Fang Hua\'s head.

"You are like sh*t! You are a woman like sh*t! You Stinky Woman!"

All the filth landed on Fang Hua\'s head and spread out in all directions, then everyone went away in an instant, as if Fang Hua was the source of all evil.

Fang Hua broke down and screamed with a deafening voice.

"What a great show!" In the distance, Ling Tianya shook her head and sighed, looking at Gu Zhiqian beside her, "Did you plan it?"

Ruan Zeyan had already led Ling Tianya away from the scene when the chaos started.

Gu Zhiqian coldly looked at the chaos, "I was just giving her a warning. Guan Meiyi is not someone she can bully easily."

Gu Zhiqian didn\'t dare to think about it until now. If the chandelier had fallen a little further or Guan Meiyi had fallen a little further back, then it would be her head hit by the chandelier, and the result wouldn\'t have been a mild concussion. Maybe he wouldn\'t have been able to see Guan Meiyi anymore.

Just thinking about it made Gu Zhiqian feel resentful.

Ling Tianya nodded. When she found out about Guan Meiyi\'s accident, she felt that there was something fishy about it. Why did the chandelier fall when it was perfectly fine. She also sent people to investigate the matter, and the conclusion was the same as what Gu Zhiqian had found.

The chandelier falling was planted, but there was no clue as to who was behind it. However, she also found out that a woman named Fang Hua was there when the incident happened.

Ling Tianya didn\'t know what Fang Hua looked like, but she still knew about the rumors about Fang Hua liking Gu Zhiqian and the Gu family\'s plan to marry the Fang family.

Everything was too obvious. She came to the wedding today because she wanted to see what Fang Hua looked like. He dared to bully her sister.

Now, Gu Zhiqian had already taught this arrogant woman a lesson before she had to do anything.

Gu Zhilin did put in a lot of security measures at the entrance of the venue, but it was easy for Gu Zhiqian to let one or two people in. He didn\'t even need to show up personally, thus, up until now, Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife had thought that she was smart enough to sneak in with Gu Zichen. She had no idea that Gu Zhiqian was the one who got her in.

On the stage, someone had already taken Gu Zichen away. Before leaving, the child kicked Fang Hua\'s body in resentfulness. Fang hua screamed in pain, and the smell of feces got into her mouth.

[ Yes, it\'s the beginning of the month. The author is shamelessly asking for a monthly pass again. ]