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Chapter 1540 - Would not Let This Woman Off

The thick stench of feces instantly spread out. Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife continued to throw plastic bags filled with feces in Fang Hua\'s direction.

Fang Hua turned pale with fright. She was not afraid of Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife\'s direct provocation, but she did not expect this woman to appear today and say those words. She also did not expect that she would throw feces at her.

In an instant, the pure white and expensive wedding dress was covered in feces and emitted a foul smell.

Because Gu Zhilin was standing next to Fang Hua, he naturally wasn\'t spared and his body was splashed with feces.

Fang Hua wanted Gu Zhilin to be his firewall to help her block the filth, but Gu Zhilin only cared about dodging and directly reached out to grab the best man next to him to block in front of him. Fang Hua had no choice but to grab her bridesmaids for help. However, those bridesmaids were not real friends of her had been long gone.

For a moment, the stage was in a chaotic y state and they were probably the most embarrassing couple in history.

Because there were strict security measures at the entrance, anyone who could enter the ceremony venue had to go through security checks. Therefore, for the overall aesthetic feeling, Gu Zhilin did not arrange so many security guards at the ceremony venue. But now his ex-wife played the wild cards and used feces to attack people. There were not many security guards at the venue, so no one was willing to go near Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife to stop her. After all, no one wanted to be covered in feces.

Gu Zichen\'s bag was also full of feces. He accompanied his mother and spared no effort to throw them at Fang Hua. Fang Hua could only look for a place to hide while covering her face, afraid that her face would also be covered in feces.

Fang Hua panicked and dodged in all directions. The stench made her extremely nauseous and she directly threw up on the stage. In the end, Fang Zhenglong, Mrs. Fang, and a few Fang family relatives rushed onto the stage to protect Fang Hua while trying to stop Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife and his son. This also caused Fang Zhenglong and the others get feces on their bodies, when Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife resisted, she directly put a bag of feces on Fang Zhenglong\'s face.

The scene was chaotic. Old Master Gu was angry and asked Gu Zhiming to quickly call people in.

Not long after, Gu Zhiming rushed in with his people and quickly subdued Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife. During this time, Gu Zhiming was not spared from having feces on his body.

Seeing that his ex-wife was being controlled, Gu Zhilin walked up in a fl.u.s.ter and came up with a body full of shit to slap his ex-wife on the face, "Are you crazy? I\'ve said what I should say, why are you still going crazy here!" Then, he glared at the security guards. "How did she get in? How did you do your job! You actually let them in!"

The security guards were also stunned when they saw Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife. They had never seen these two people before. If they had seen them, they definitely wouldn\'t have let them in. So, how did they get in?

"Gu Zhilin, you hit me! You actually hit me!" Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife cried out in grief, "Back then, when you pursued me, what did you say when you proposed to me? You said that you would love me forever, and you said that you would grow old with me. But now, you\'re divorcing me because of that woman who\'s not much older than your son. Have you forgotten what you said back then? !"

Seeing that his mother had been beaten up, Gu Zichen glared at Gu Zhilin and then bit the hand of the security guard who was holding him. The security guard let go in pain, and Gu Zichen went towards Fang Hua.

All of this was caused by this b*tch. It was because of this woman that his mother had suffered so much. He would not let this woman off!

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