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Chapter 1539 - Contents Full of Odour

Suddenly, there was the sound of crying in the ceremony. Everyone looked towards the source of the crying and saw a woman in a white dress holding the hand of a teenage boy, wailing.

Those who had some contact with the Gu family could tell that the woman who was crying was none other than Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife, and the child in the woman\'s hand was Gu Zhichen, the son of Gu Zhilin and his ex-wife.

The woman wailed in pain. Beside her, Gu Zichen\'s eyes were filled with hatred. The sudden appearance of these two people changed the atmosphere of the ceremony.

Seeing his ex-wife and son sudden appearance, Gu Zhilin was shocked, "Why are you here! Go back quickly!"

Ever since Gu Zhilin forced his ex-wife to divorce him, his ex-wife had been making a fuss. She did not understand how her good marriage could collapse without any warning, and Gu Zhilin was so determined that he did not even want his son.

Over the past month, Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife had been looking for all sorts of opportunities to make a fuss. She was looking for Gu Zhilin, and even wanted to use Gu Zhilin to find Fang Hua. She wanted to see what kind of woman could be so bad that she had to force Gu Zhilin to divorce her, and did not even want the child.

However, in order for the wedding to go smoothly, Gu Zhilin had sent people to monitor his ex-wife. He also prohibited her from appearing beside him or Fang Hua. Today\'s wedding venue was also set up with strong security measures, logically speaking, his ex-wife did not have the ability to enter.

So, how did she get in?

At this moment, Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife finally saw Fang Hua, this young and beautiful woman. Then, she looked at the grand wedding. When Gu Zhilin first married her, it was not half as grand as it was now.

"I\'m not leaving! I\'m here today to see what this shameless woman looks like!" His ex-wife held her son Gu Zichen and walked forward, her eyes were filled with hatred towards Fang Hua, "So it\'s you, this woman. You\'re so young, yet you don\'t want to marry someone who\'s similar to your age. Why did you come to destroy my family? !"

The ex-wife looked at the guests who had come to attend the wedding, "It\'s this woman who forced Gu Zhilin to divorce me. Not only did she kick me out of the Gu family, but she also made Gu Zhilin kick out his only son, Gu Zichen. What\'s even more shameless is that this woman made Gu Zhilin not give us any money apart from alimony. She said that she wanted to marry Gu Zhilin, so Gu Zhilin\'s money is her money. Why should her money be spent on other women and other people\'s children!" Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife vented all the grievances she had suffered during this period of time, "Everyone, listen to this. Is there any justice in this world? How can there be such a shameless woman in this world. She stole someone else\'s husband, yet she still had to be so ruthless! We, mother and son, are so innocent. I almost lost my husband in an instant, and my son lost his father out of a sudden! And this woman actually wore a pure white wedding dress and happily married Gu Zhilin today! How can you marry him! How can you be so shameless!"

As she spoke, Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife took out a few plastic bags containing some contents and threw them directly at Fang Hua.

Because it was too sudden, even though Fang Hua dodged towards Gu Zhilin, she was still hit by it. The pure white wedding dress was immediately stained with smelly stains.

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