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Chapter 1538 - A Deafening Cry

The ceremony was about to begin. Gu Zhilin stood in the groom\'s spot, waiting for the bride to arrive.

Old Master Gu sat in the main seat and realized that Gu Zhiqian had not sat in the Gu family\'s seat for a long time, so he looked around finding Gu Zhiqian, but only saw Gu Zhiqian and Ruan Zeyan sitting in the VIP seats together.

the Old Master\'s face immediately darkened, and Gu Zhiming had already said in a sarcastic tone, "Grandpa, look at Gu Zhiqian, sitting in the VIP area. Does he not see himself as a member of the Gu family anymore?"

Gu Zhiming\'s voice was not too loud, but the surrounding clansmen could hear him. They all looked at Old Master Gu thoughtfully, and then looked at Gu Zhiqian who was talking with Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya not far away.

Because of Ruan Zeyan\'s high status, he was placed in the VIP area, and Gu Zhiqian was sitting next to him, so it was obvious that everyone could see him.

Old Master Gu was about to call Gu Zhiqian over, but the ceremony had already started, so he could only give up.

With Fang Zhenglong\'s help, Fang Hua slowly walked through the road paved with countless flowers, and slowly walking towards Gu Zhilin who was not far away.

With every step Fang Zhenglong took, his emotions became more complicated. He had the urge to bring Fang Hua away many times, but he could only endure it. He had already come this far, he was not allowed to go back on his words.

However, Fang Hua, who the Fang family was most worried about, was now smiling like a flower with a face full of happiness. She wanted everyone present to see that she was happy and that she was the centre of attention.

The more abnormal Fang Hua was, the more worried the Fang family became, and Fang Zhenglong\'s expression became even more solemn.

Fang hua immediately saw Gu Zhiqian sitting in the VIP seats. The smile on her face froze for a moment before it became even more brilliant than before.

How was it? Did you see me,Gu Zhiqian? Am I very beautiful? Do you regret it? Do you regret rejecting me?

Fang Hua looked at Gu Zhiqian, as if Gu Zhiqian showed even the slightest bit of regret, she would immediately give up on marrying Gu Zhilin.

However, Gu Zhiqian only glanced at Fang Hua, and then continued to chat with Ruan Zeyan.

Fang Hua\'s smile instantly froze on her face. She didn\'t know how she walked over the remaining few steps. By the time she reacted, she was already in front of Gu Zhilin, and Fang Zhenglong had already placed her hand in Gu Zhilin\'s.

The man\'s hand was greasy and wet, and his face had many wrinkles with his smile and even his hairline receded. Even in the bridegroom\'s gown, he did not look like a prince, but more like a scheming minister.

Especially when Gu Zhilin and Fang Zhenglong stood together, they did not look like father-in-law and son-in-law at all, but more like brothers.

Some of the people who came to the wedding began to discuss in whisper, and some couldn\'t help but chuckled. They looked at the three people on the stage and whispered to each other.

Fang Hua saw all of this. She had done so much to build her heart, and she had maintained a bright smile the whole time. However, she still couldn\'t accept it at this moment.

Especially after she was ignored by Gu Zhiqian, and then looked at Gu Zhilin beside her, the strong differences between them made her want to vomit.

In order not to let others laugh at her, she had been holding it in so that she would not vomit.

Ling Tianya sat below the stage with her eyes never leaving Fang Hua.

Fang Zhenglong finally walked off the stage. Throughout the whole process, Fang Hua was smiling, not even shedding a tear nor did she looking at his father. He knew that Fang Hua was competing with him.

Gu Zhilin held the bride\'s hand and began the next stage of the ceremony.

At this moment, a deafening cry suddenly came from the ceremony venue.