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Chapter 1537 - Will Gu Zhiqian Be Regretful

Hearing the names of Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi, Fang Hua\'s eyes flashed with a cold glint. Then, she said with a fake smile, "Oh? Is that so? Did I leave the group? Then I must have pressed the wrong button by accident. You guys are really something, why didn\'t you add me back after noticing that I\'m not in the group? Do you not treat me as a friend?"

The women in the white dress looked at each other and smiled awkwardly. They really had never treated Fang Hua as a friend. Previously, they could only be considered as Fang Hua\'s minions, and now that they heard Fang Hua address them as friends, they did not know how to react.

The situation was a little awkward, while Fang Hua kept a smile on her face and she looked at the women in the white dress, waited for them to speak. However, the women in the white dress did not know what to say. In private, they had a lot to talk about, but they could not find any common ground with Fang Hua.

However, the atmosphere could not continue like this, so the woman in the white dress chuckled, "By the way, we saw Gu Zhiqian when we came in just now."

The smile on Fang Hua\'s face finally could not be held, and she suddenly became serious, "Did Guan Meiyi come with him?"

Today was the day she married Gu Zhilin. If she saw Gu Zhiqian holding Guan Meiyi\'s hand, she would definitely not be able to take it. She would break down on the spot!

Seeing Fang Hua\'s sudden change of expression, the woman in the white dress suddenly felt that she had misspoken, so she quickly shook her head, "No, Guan Meiyi didn\'t come. Guan Meiyi was injured in the hair salon not long ago and is still recuperating at home. Before I came, I saw Guan Meiyi\'s Weibo that she\'s at home."

Hearing the woman in white say this, Fang Hua\'s expression turned slightly better. Then, she looked at the woman in white with a faint smile, "You\'re paying quite a lot of attention to Guan Meiyi now."

This sentence, which didn\'t have any meaning, made the woman in white shudder. She looked at the other little sisters beside her for help.

At this moment, a little girl said, "Sister Fang Hua, your wedding is really grand. It\'s the first time I\'ve seen such a grand wedding."

At that moment, they could only say things that Fang Hua would like to hear.

"Oh right, I also saw Ruan Zeyan and his wife," the little girl continued, "I heard from my father that Ruan Zeyan rarely attended such public events recently, and I haven\'t seen the Young Madam of the Ruan family at any of the recent banquets. Ruan Zeyan and his wife didn\'t even attend the Gu family\'s anniversary party a while ago, but they\'re here today, Sister Fang Hua, just because you\'re getting married. Looks like you still have a lot of honour in the city, Sister Fang Hua!"

The little girl was really sweet-talking, and Fang Hua\'s expression turned much better when she heard that. However, Fang Hua also knew that the reason why Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya came was not really related to her. Moreover, Ling Tianya was Guan Meiyi\'s cousin, so she was probably just curious about her.

With that thought, Fang Hua raised her chin. No matter what, she was going to be the center of attention today. She was going to show everyone her most beautiful and brilliant side.

Is Gu Zhiqian here as well?

Fang Hua looked at herself in the mirror. She was so beautiful that couldn\'t be described with words. Her red lips curved slightly, and she smiled seductively. She didn\'t know if Gu Zhiqian would be shocked by her beauty when he saw her like this, or if he would be regretful about rejecting her back then.