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Chapter 1536 - A Different Fang Hua

The ceremony was about to begin, and Fang Hua sat in the bride\'s dressing room for the final touch-up. During this time, there would be some female guests coming in from time to time to take photos and chat with her, because when the ceremony began, they would not have the chance to talk to the bride anymore.

However, Fang Hua did not want to deal with these people. She could always see pity or curiosity in their eyes that she did not want to see, because she knew that these people were just here to make fun of her in the name of greeting and caring. They all wanted to know what it would be like for her, the Big Missy of the Fang family, to be married to a man who was not much younger than her father.

Among these people who came, how many of them really cared about her?

Fang Hua knew what these people were thinking. The more this was the case, the more she had to show these people that she was very happy. No matter how miserable her heart was, she could not let these people see her as a joke.

At this moment, the woman in the white dress and the others walked in. Ever since they discussed the matter of Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi being together in the group, Fang Hua had withdrawn from their group and hadn\'t contacted them, it didn\'t take long for the news to spread that Fang Hua was going to marry Gu Zhilin. They were all very surprised, but they didn\'t contact Fang Hua either as they really didn\'t know what to say.

In fact, they had always been very careful with Fang Hua. After all, the Fang family\'s status was there, so no matter what they did or said, they would always put Fang Hua at the center, even if the girl in the white dress was already a fan of Guan Meiyi, she didn\'t dare to make it too obvious for fear of offending Fang Hua.

At this moment, they walked in and greeted Fang Hua with a smile on their faces.

Fang Hua\'s expression changed when she saw them. Hmph, another group of people who wanted to see her a joke.

In just an instant, a smile appeared on Fang Hua\'s face as she said amiably, "You guys are here. Come and take a photo together."

Fang Hua wore a huge wedding dress with a trailing end as she waved at the woman in the white dress and the others. Seeing Fang Hua\'s amiable attitude and the bright smile on her face, the woman in the white dress and the others were all stunned. They had been prepared to see Fang Hua\'s cold face and thought that they would leave after saying hi. They did not want Fang Hua to be suspicious. However, they did not expect Fang Hua to be so warm to them.

Therefore, the woman in white and the others carefully walked forward and stood on both sides of Fang Hua, waiting for the cameraman to take a photo of them.

Fang Hua\'s smile was very bright. Compared to her, the smiles of the other women on both sides were a little awkward and unnatural.

After taking the photo, Fang Hua held the hands of the woman in white and beckoned them to sit down, "Come, sit down and chat with me. You guys are really too bad that you haven\'t contacted me for more than a month. I have no time to prepare for the wedding, but why didn\'t you contact me on your own accord? Now you guys have become estranged!"

Fang Hua\'s tone was natural as she complained to the woman in white and the others in a coquettish manner. She was really like a young girl who was complaining about being ignored by her besties, and she was not at all like the high and mighty Fang Hua from before.

The girls in the white dress did not feel closer to Fang Hua in this way. Instead, they felt a little terrified.

The girl in the white dress smiled uncomfortably, "We thought you were angry with us, so we didn\'t dare to contact you."

"Angry? Why should I be angry?" Fang Hua pretended not to know anything.

"You probably saw what we said about Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi in the group last time. Otherwise, you wouldn\'t have left the group..." the girl in the white dress carefully said.