Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1529 - She Could Not be the Only One Suffering

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Chapter 1529 - She Could Not be the Only One Suffering

However, Zhao Huimin clearly did not understand what Guan Meiyi meant. She thought that Guan Meiyi was going to ask for more, so she gritted her teeth and said, "I said, just name your price. 30 million, 50 million won\'t do. 300 million, 500 million will do!"

As Mrs. Gu, Zhao Huimin didn\'t actually get much money from the Gu family all these years. She didn\'t have any shares in the Gu family. All her money and assets were given to her by Gu Zhiqian\'s father before he died. In the end, all her assets were only worth around 500 million. If Guan Meiyi really asked for everything, then she would have nothing.

However, now Zhao Huimin seemed to be possessed. As long as Guan Meiyi left Gu Zhiqian, everything else would be easy!

Guan Meiyi shook her head, "No, auntie, you can only give me the 30 or 50 million, but Gu Zhiqian is different. He is one of the heirs of the Gu family. Even if he won\'t be the head of the family in the future, he still has the shares of the Gu family. No matter how it\'s definitely more than the 30 or 50 million you offered me. Do you think a woman like me, who is greedy for money, will give up Gu Zhiqian for your little money?"

Guan Meiyi was also angry. She didn\'t expect Zhao Huimin to use money offering, a despicable way, which was simply an insult to her personality. If that was the case, then she would just let it be. At this time, Guan Meiyi wouldn\'t be stupid enough to cry and beg Zhao Huimin, saying that she and Gu Zhiqian were true love. And she wouldn\'t toughly argue with Zhao Huimin.

On the contrary, when Guan Meiyi said this, Zhao Huimin was helpless. However, Guan Meiyi knew that in Zhao Huimin\'s heart, she was already labeled as a shameless vixen.

However, Guan Meiyi didn\'t care about any of this. She had too many labels on her, so she didn\'t care about one or two more.

What she cared about the most was the relationship between Gu Zhiqian and her. As long as Gu Zhiqian believed in that loved her, nothing else mattered.

Zhao Huimin ran into a wall at Guan Meiyi, and her mood became extremely gloomy, "I knew it. You\'re not a simple woman!"

After saying that, Zhao Huimin stood up, grabbed the blank check, and walked out with anger.

Seeing that Zhao Huimin was about to leave, Guan Meiyi also stood up, "Auntie, let me send you off."

Although she didn\'t like Zhao Huimin\'s behavior, Guan Meiyi felt that as a junior, she still had to be polite, so she stood up and prepared to send Zhao Huimin off.

However, it was clear that Zhao Huimin saw all of this as Guan Meiyi\'s fake affection.

"I don\'t want you to send me off! Don\'t be so fake with me here!" Zhao Huimin walked in front of her and didn\'t even look at the road, so she didn\'t pay attention to the top of her head.

Guan Meiyi walked behind her and happened to see that the ceiling chandelier seemed to be a little loose. When Zhao Huimin passed by the chandelier, it seemed to be ready and smashed down on Zhao Huimin\'s head.

"Auntie, be careful!" Guan Meiyi was shocked. She subconsciously took two steps forward and pushed Zhao Huimin away, followed by the sound of the chandelier smashing down.

Only then did Zhao Huimin come back to her senses. When she turned back to look, her eyes widened in shock and her mouth opened widely. She saw that the chandelier had smashed right on Guan Meiyi\'s body, pressing her down while Guan Meiyi fell into a coma.

"Oh my god... What should I do..."Zhao Huimin panicked and stood there, not knowing what to do. It was the other people around who reacted first and called 120.

At the corner of the steps upstairs, Fang Hua stood there with a sinister look in her eyes and a comfortable smile on her face. She was already so miserable that she couldn\'t be the only one in the world who was suffering.

[ PS: Little Meiyi won\'t lose her memory, won\'t die, won\'t be in a coma, won\'t be miserable in the future... seriously, if I didn\'t make it clearly in one sentence, there will be little ancestors who want to send me razor blades or give up on the book... ]