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Chapter 1527 - Chat Safe And Sound

Cheng Chen seemed to have not heard this name for a long time. He was obviously stunned for a moment, then said calmly, "Yu Luoluo is very hardworking and has a lot of potential."

Ling Tianya nodded, "That\'s right, Luo Luo is indeed very hardworking. She has been shooting a few movies in a row with very good response. Her popularity is also close to Sister Meiyi\'s. However, in the past two years, because of her filming, she has been out of the country or abroad all year round. Basically, there\'s no sign of her. I\'ve never seen a newcomer work so hard like her. All the movies she filmed were scenes where she had to endure hardsh.i.p.s. Those who know that she\'s working hard, and those who don\'t know, would think that she\'s hiding from someone."

Cheng Chen did not say anything and continued to eat expressionlessly. However, the food that was originally very delicious was now somewhat tasteless.


Time passed very quickly. The day after Gu Zhilin agreed to the Fang family\'s three conditions, he requested for a divorce from his wife and gave up custodianship to his son, and he wanted his son to leave the Gu family with his mother.

A woman who was completely unprepared for a divorce was naturally unable to handle. However, it was useless no matter how much trouble she caused, and Gu Zhilin was determined to get a divorce. Even if the woman brought up the matter of the child, it was still unable to change Gu Zhilin\'s mind.

When the woman\'s parents found out about the matter, they did not want to see their daughter hurt her body and dignity because of a man like Gu Zhilin. They immediately took the woman and her grandson away.

Gu Zhilin successfully got a divorce. The next step was to prepare for the wedding with Fang Hua.

Fang Hua wanted to get married as soon as possible, so she set the wedding date at a certain auspicious date in a month and a half.

Gu Zhilin had some concerns at first. After all, he had just gotten divorced not long ago, and he did not know what the public would say about him.

But when he thought that as long as he married Fang Hua, he would become the head of the Gu family, he agreed to it. Although time was short, as long as he had money, these things were not a problem.

As expected, the public discussed Gu Zhilin\'s quick divorce and remarriage, especially since his marriage partner was Fang Hua.

Many people knew that Fang Hua liked Gu Zhiqian. Now that Fang Hua did not marry Gu Zhiqian, but instead married Gu Zhiqian\'s big brother, there were many discussions about this matter.

Fang Hua ignored all the comments from the outside world, and did not have the slightest joy of becoming a bride. She lived her life mechanically every day.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed. Seeing that Gu Zhilin and Fang Hua\'s wedding date was getting closer and closer, Zhao Huimin could not sit still. During this period, she had done many things, but all of them were in vain.

Now that the Fang family had started to hate her, the Gu family did not seem to like her at all, and even Gu Zhiqian did not want to see her. She had no choice but to find Guan Meiyi again.

On this day, Guan Meiyi was at a high-end salon doing a new hairstyle. Zhao Huimin found out about her presence through some unknown channel and actually came to find her.

"Auntie?" Guan Meiyi was a little surprised to see Zhao Huimin. However, she was Gu Zhiqian\'s mother after all, so Guan Meiyi was still respectful to her.

"I\'m here to talk to you." Zhao Huimin said with a serious expression.

Guan Meiyi also became serious and nodded, "Okay, let\'s talk over there."

Guan Meiyi pointed to the rest area not far ahead. Zhao Huimin looked at it and then nodded and walked over first.

This made Fang Hua\'s empty eyes suddenly turn cold. Fang Hua\'s heart trembled after seeing Zhao Huimin and Guan Meiyi sitting together drinking tea and chatting.

She was so miserable that she was about to marry an old man and live a life worse than death. How could these two women be able to chat here safe and sound!