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Chapter 1526 - Warnings From the In-laws

Bai Junjie was arranged by Ling Tianya?

After Gu Zhiqian\'s surprise, he seemed to have guessed something, and his expression changed.

Ling Tianya pursed her lips into a smile, "Junjie, you can continue to stay by Sister Meiyi\'s side from now on."

"Okay." With that, Bai Junjie nodded at Gu Zhiqian, and then left the office.

"Xiao Yaya, what\'s going on?" Even though Gu Zhiqian already had a rough idea of what was going on, he still asked.

"What\'s going on?" Ling Tianya rested her chin on one hand, "I was anxious seeing you and Meiyi. You clearly have each other in your heart, but each of you are just holding on to each other. If you continue to hold on like this, I don\'t know how long it will last, so I gave you something extra. I didn\'t do anything, I just put a more handsome assistant beside Meiyi."

The main purpose was to stimulate Gu Zhiqian. If the stimulation was successful, the two of them would be fine. If it wasn\'t successful, the two of them would just continue to hold onto each other.

However, judging from the results, Ling Tianya\'s stimulation was successful.

Gu Zhiqian didn\'t know what to do with his expression anymore. He realized that everyone around him had already seen through his feelings for Guan Meiyi.

"You don\'t have to thank me." Ling Tianya chuckled, "As a friend, I think I\'m doing the right thing. But as your boss, I think I\'m creating trouble for myself. Gu Zhiqian, if I find out that you\'re canceling your appointment because you\'re in a relationship again, I\'ll replace all of Meiyi\'s staff with men!"

"I\'m not being a good friend? I\'ve entrusted my Sister Meiyi to you, Am I not being a good friend?"

Gu Zhiqian looked at his watch. It was almost time for Guan Meiyi to finish her work. He said that he was going to pick her up, "Mn, you\'re a good friend, I\'ll leave first."

After that, Gu Zhiqian got up and was ready to leave.

"Gu Zhiqian." Ling Tianya stopped Gu Zhiqian, "Sister Meiyi had a hard life before. You have to treat her well and don\'t let her down. Otherwise, you and I won\'t even be friends."

"Is this a warning from the in-laws?"Gu Zhiqian asked.


"I remembered, sister-in-law." Gu Zhiqian answered casually, but there was only seriousness in his eyes.

After Gu Zhiqian left, Cheng Chen asked Ling Tianya a question, "Now that Guan Meiyi is with Gu Zhiqian, the two of them will get married and have children sooner or later. Once a woman gets married and has children, the focus of her life will definitely shift. Also, I know that Gu Zhiqian is not simple. He won\'t be an actor for long. Have you ever thought about who will take over Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian\'s positions in the future?"

Ling Tianya thought for a moment, "Actually, I\'ve always disapproved of the title of Top Brother and Top Sister. Although competition stimulate progress, with such a title, there will definitely be vicious competition."

Ling Tianya nodded to show that she agreed with Cheng Chen\'s point of view. She looked up at Cheng Chen, "So, what do you think of Luo Luo?"